Buratto Given walking papers

Calgary has fired Steve Buratto does this open the door to him signing on as head coach in Hamilton?

(Back in Blsck) Calgary has fired Steve Buratto does this open the door to him signing on as head coach in Hamilton?
Lets hope not!

How about bringing him to the hammer as Special teams coach ?

Buratto would make a great offensive coordinator in Hamilton, but only if the head coach we hire wants him here.

I, also, see Buratto as more of an assistant coach than a head coach.

hire Buratto as OC !!!

atleast there will be exciting plays next year.

Here is Steve's bio from the Stampeders website.

Steve Buratto - Associate Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator

Steve Buratto CFL: Entering -26th Season

Stampeders: Entering - 2nd Season

as Offensive Coordinator with
the Stampeder Football Club.

In 2005, Buratto brought together a bunch of new faces and moulded them into one of the most feared offensive units in the CFL. Near the end of season the Stampeders hit their peak, making them nearly impossible to stop on several occasions. The team finished near the top of several categories including first in average gain per pass (9.3). They would also finish in the top three with most yards total offence (6,913), average yards offence per game (384.1), most yards net rushing (2,311), average yards rushing per game (128.4), most times rushed (391), average gain per rush (5.9), fewest yards penalized (1,409) and fewest QB sacks (27).

The unit was led by Quarterback, Henry Burris who completed 265 of 435 passes with a 60.9% (career high). Despite missing three and a half games, Burris still managed to throw for over 4,000 yards finishing the season with 4,290. He also rushed the ball 82 times for 513 yards (career high), averaging 6.3 yards per carry (career high with over 2 attempts) and 9 touchdowns (career high). For the first time in his career he was named to the Western All-Star team. Receiver Nik Lewis in only his second season, finished second in the league with 80 catches (career high) for 1,379 yards (career high) and nine touchdowns (career high). Running Back Joffrey Reynolds finished the season fifth all-time in Stampeder history with 247 carries for 1,437 yards, averaging 5.8 yards per carry, and eight touchdowns. His 1,437 yards was the 2nd highest in the CFL.

In 2004, Steve led the BC Lions as offensive coordinator to several number one categories in the league. Under his tutelage the Lions led the league in the following categories: most points scored (544), most td’s scored (63), most TD’s passing (45), average points scored per game (30.2), average time of possession (31:55), most first downs (429), most first downs passing (262), most yards total offence (7726), average yards offence per game (429.2), average gain per pass (10.1), most yards net passing (6335), and average yards passing per game (351.9). The Lions also finished second in several categories; most yards net rushing (1985), average yards rushing per game (110.3), most passes completed (409), and highest percentage pass completions (65.2%).

Also in 2004, various Lions players reached career highs in several categories. Quarterback Casey Printers looked unstoppable at times under Buratto’s system, finishing the season as the league’s Most Outstanding Player. His numbers were remarkable including his pass percentage (65.8%), average gain per pass (10.3), passing touchdowns (35) and touchdown percentage (7.1%). Printers finished the season with the highest pass efficiency rating in the league (115.0).

Steve’s offence also had two of the top three receivers in the league, Geroy Simon finished on top with 103 catches for 1750 yards and 14 touchdowns while Jason Clermont was third in the league with 83 catches for 1220 yards and 7 touchdowns.

In 2003, Steve entered the season as the Lions offensive coordinator. Under his offensive system the Lions led the league in the following categories: most TD passes (42), most yards total offence (7593), average yards offence per game (421.8), average gain per pass (10.0),and highest percentage pass completions (67.6%).
On August 20, 2000, Steve was named Head Coach of the Lions where he remained until the 2003 season. In 2001 the Lions finished the season with 8 wins and 10 losses, which was the same record as the eventual Grey Cup Champion Calgary Stampeders. In 2002, the Lions bettered their record winning 2 more games, finishing the season with 10 wins and 8 losses.

Steve spent 1978-79 as a guest coach with Saskatchewan, before the Roughriders hired him as a full-time assistant coach prior to the start of the 1980 season. Steve spent the next three seasons in Regina, before joining the Lions in 1983 as their defensive coordinator.

After a head coaching stop in Calgary in 1984-85, Steve rejoined BC in 1986, where he enjoyed stints as both the Co-offensive coordinator, and the defensive coordinator.

Steve’s other CFL experience includes a year as Saskatchewan’s offensive line coach in 1993. He then played the offensive coordinator role in Baltimore in 1994 and 1995, leading the offence to a Grey Cup appearance against the Lions in 1994.

Back in 1980 Steve was the offensive line coach for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That same year Tom Higgins occupied a spot in the linebacker core. A couple of years later, the two of them had a stop in Calgary, as Steve was the Stampeders Head Coach naming Tom as his linebacker coach. This was Tom’s first professional coaching job.
This past season Steve and his wife Judy lived in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

is it burattos fault burris cant protect the football? and makes bad decisions when pressured?

I'm not surprised, there's a lot of anger here in Calgary, the axe is going to fall on some more people before all is said and done.

one thng about buratto:

he knew to mix the run game and pass game very well.

he had the 2nd leading rusher and a very potent offence in calgary...

if in hamilton, u can expect alot of production from Lumsden, as well as a well planned pass attack....and some nifty trcik plays thrown in.

but hamilton better move fast if they want him, cuz edmontons lookin for an OC right now too.

( the fact that hamilton doesnt have a HC, might give edmonton the edge here )

Steve is definitely a top Offensive Co-ordinator candidate
for our new Head Coach to consider once he is hired.

Although I am sure Marcel has Steve Burrato's name on his list
of Head Coach candidates he is not likely to win that position.

Steve is in his mid 60's. and Marcel wants a long term Head Coach.
I would hope he would accept a lesser, subordinate role here
if we hired a Head Coach who wants a successful veteran CFL O.C.

edmonton can offer him the job RIGHT NOW....

hamilton has to hire a head coach first, who will -in turn- hire buratto...thast months away, it seems.

so maybe edmonton has the upper hand there?

That’s right d-g.

I do recall hearing an Edmonton reporter saying the Eskimos
will hire an O.C. to lighten Danny Maciocia’s duties.

this kinda sucks, cuz i wanna see an exciting brand of football in hamilton...

im getting sick of seeing the argos and als in the east finals year after year...when is hamilton gonna get in that mix?

a division final ( even a division semi for that matter ) at IWS would be insane!

altho winnipeg made great strides this year, they will always be a western team to me.

Roomer has it That Edmonton Wants Matt Dungan as there OC ..
Marty York posted this a while back.

But you it is Marty York.

Another fact about Steve Buratto is that he was the head coach of the B.C. Lions when they won the Grey Cup in 2000. They defeated the Montreal Alouettes, led by head coach Charlie Taaffe, 28 to 26.

Fast forwarding to 2005 and 2006, here is how the Calgary Stampeders' offence has ranked in the CFL during his tenure as offensive coordinator:

Most Yards Total Offence: 6,913 yards (3rd)
Average Running Yards Per Game: 128.4 yards (3rd)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 275.5 (5th)

Most Yards Total Offence: 6,887 yards (1st)
Average Running Yards Per Game: 133.7 yards (1st)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 263.6 (4th)

On another thread, Bob Young stated that the list of head coaching candidates has been expanding and none of them have been eliminated. Buratto's experience and relative success in the CFL should put him on the list of head coaching candidates to be interviewed by the Ticats.

One sidebar here. It was also interesting to look at the 2005 and 2006 offensive stats/rankings of the Toronto Argonauts:

Most Yards Total Offence: yards 6,787 yards (4th)
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 83.3 yards (8th)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 315.4 (3rd)

Most Yards Total Offence: 5,129 yards (7th)
Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 88.9 yards (7th)
Average Passing Yards Per Game: 215.9 (8th)

The Argos passed for approximately 100 less yards per game this year than they did last year. Meanwhile, they only rushed for about 5 more yards per game this year than they did in 2005. While many factors may account for this difference, the absence of offensive coordinator Kent Austin has to be one of the major factors. One would guess that Austin will be interviewed by the Ticats either as a candidate for the head coaching job or for the offensive coordinator position after the new head coach has been chosen.

And when I first heard that Buratto got fired, one of the first things that came to mind was this question: Can Buratto be blamed for what happened in Calgary, or is he just a fall guy? I personally suspected the latter. And after reading posts on this topic on the "your call" section on TSN.ca and on CFLZone.com, it looks like quite a few other people have that opinion as well. And I've heard some people here say they don't like the idea of picking up other team's rejects, which I can understand, but perhaps we can make an exception here. It may very well be be that the only reason he was fired was because there had to be a scapegoat in Calgary. Hiring Buratto to a vacant coaching position here may not be a bad idea, considering his record.

Not if the Ticats consider hiring him as their head coach rather than wait to see if they can have him as their OC. And you know, Buratto's name came up as a possible new head coach long before he got fired today. In fact, I've heard it mentioned ever since Marshall got fired. Thre might be better candidates for the haed coaching position, such as Charlie Taaffe. But I figure Taaffe will be more likely to go to Montreal, as Jim Popp may be more likely to bring him in than Marcel Desjardins. For that reason, Buratto could very well be our next head coach.

That is one of the reasons I considered his record sufficiently impressive. A Grey Cup win as a head coach always looks good on a resume. It sure would be good to have a coach who knows how to win. And it sure is quite a coincidence that both coaches in the 2000 Grey Cup game are leading candidates for the head coaching position.

This is something that was discussed after Austin was fired. He was considered for the head coaching position, and I'm sure he's at least being considered for that position. But as an offensive coordinator, I'm not so sure. Those numbers mentioned have more to do with injuries, to Damon Allen in particular, than anything else, IMHO. Austin was criticized for not making as much use of Avery and, of course, Williams, as he should have. We have had one OC, not utilize Corey Holmes enough, and we don't need another. I understand the importance of leaving no stone unturned in a search for coaches, but I'd prefer to see Taaffe and/or Buratto here.

Hi BobYoungFan:

You make a good point about the need to better utilize Corey Holmes on the Ticat offence in 2007. That would make a fine question for the coaching interviews.

In looking at the 2005 and 2006 CFL regular season stats, it is clear that the Stampeders' offence had a much more balanced attack than the Argos' offence. You might be correct about Burrato or possibly Taaffe being a better fit than Austin for the Ticat offence.

re-.and some nifty trcik plays thrown in.
about bringing him to the hammer as Special teams coach ?

The need to hire a head coach as soon as possible is imperitive for Hamilton. Personally, I don't think Burrato is the man based on his age of 60 years or more. Desjardins has already declared he'd like someone that can stay here long term and hopefully build us a dynasty.

I would hope that who ever the new coach is, he might consider Burrato as his OC, but we can't hold our breaths waiting for that to happen either, since these two men may have different coaching philosophies.

I really think that shortly after the Grey Cup game, there'll be an announcement and then in a short time,we'll be aware of the entire coaching staff. If it happens before GC, so much the better, but I don't want to see the team rush into this very critical decision.