Buratto axed

Surprized to hear Buratto taking the fall for demise of Stamps! I believe he is the reason why they had such a hi-octane offense. Hope he lands on his feet soon!


....just heard it on 960....well, Hellard said on MOnday that the Ownership Group was prepared to meet quick and make some immediate decisions on this year's failure....I thought SB was on thin ice, seeing that he is also a likely candidate for the Head Coach position in Hamilton....

...if the Owners started at the top and worked their way down I wonder if this means that Hellard, Barker and Higgins are safe at this point?....hope so...

Wow... Shocking news. I did not see that one coming.

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story/?ID=183657&hubname= http://www.rds.ca/football/chroniques/216909.html

ticats will scoop him up NO DOUBT

You were right. They just did:


hahahaha....too funny

I saw it coming and am happy they pulled the trigger, something Buratto wouldnt do all yr.

Dudes seriously overrated.

Ticats should make him their new head coach and stop calling at Charlie Taaffe's house... :wink:

I'm shocked at this. I always thought he was one of the better OCs in the league. Matthews kept trying to get him to Montreal, and he kept refusing. Could this mean Popp will try to woo him for the head coaching job?

Honestly, is it his fault Henry Burris can't protect the freakin' football?

NOPE...notice tsn doesnt play that burris-sportscenter spot anymore...'im unstoppable', my ass..lol

The Eskimos better get him for Offensive Co-ordinator.

one thing about buratto:

he mixed up the run game and the pass game very well....had the 2nd leading rusher aswell as a potent passing game in calgary.

and unless hamiltons willing to offer him a head coaching job, he'll prolly end up in edmonton, no?

i mean, if hamilton wants him as OC, they still gotta wait to hire a head coach who will then, in turn, hire buratto...thats still months away.

edmonton can offer him the job right now, if they want.

drummer god writes;

"he mixed up the run game and the pass game very well....had the 2nd leading rusher aswell as a potent passing game in calgary. "

He did????

Calgary has arguably the best runningback in the league and i cant tell you how many times we refused to give him the ball in the scoring zone.

His idea of a short pass is 15 yds......goes with no backs in the backfield allowing defenses to pin their ears back.

Doesnt pull the trigger on Burris when its obvious his confidence is rattled in the most important game of the year, leaving a savy vet holding a clipboard.

It wasnt all Burattos fault, but for a veteran coach he made alot of boneheaded decisions.

pulling the trigger on burris is the head coaches decision, no?

I would think the O coordinator would have a major influence in that decision.

OC may recommend, but the HC makes the decision. Buratto did a good job here in BC...well, maybe he'll get an HC position somewhere...it's not like there aren't alot of openings right now.

Buratto is a good coach.......but its time
for him to move along.

We've got a hell of a second back in Wes Cates and noone knows about him.

Know why??? Because he never got the ball!

I’d like to see us bag either George Cortez
or in a really radical move get Barker back
in coaching and hire Shivers for what he does
best, scouting.