Buono's albinos

I was going to post this in the Lions forum, but they seem to be a bunch of over-zealous hippies next to their cousins from Regina. That being said: it's a tougher hill to climb when dealing with Buono. Everyone in Winnipeg will say BC won this deal.

Based on false misrepresentation, I would say Roberts asked to be traded (-) only because he played himself off the team. It was a mutual accord between Berry and Roberts all the way through. Berry refused to put Roberts in the doghouse, but Charlie played nice even though the chances are resisted Berry's wishes on the offense.

I'm sure we can all agree on that.

A lot of fans are going to think:

(1) should Berry had utilized Roberts properly?

(2) Do you blame Roberts for his diminshing skills.

Point being raised is simple. Do you think Buono is going to use Charles the way we didn't, will equal success for Roberts, or is Roberts prime over?

That in itself^ will measure this trade.

I doubt Buono will use Roberts at all. The Lions basically picked up Roberts minus some of his salary as an insurance policy in case Logan gets hurt down the stretch and will deal him or cut him in training camp next year. If Logan gets hurt their offence doesn't have to chage at all with Charlie in there as they are very similar in running styles. It would be nice to see him in a game with a quality O line like BCs to know for sure if he has lost a step or not.

I'm just more curious to see what Roberts displays dealing with someone such as team we-are-all-albino-robots.