I would have voted for dirty but I kinda rushed into the poll and I thought it was asking me if Wally Buono was dirty, so I voted no.

The hit was illegal (head to head contact on the QB after he released the ball)

But Fred Perry came through a tight gap in the line and just jumped at him. It is hard to say if Perry truely intended to Smack Dickenson in the head.

But Head to head on the QB after he released the ball is illegal. Am I right?

You are correct Thryllin! Plus if you look at ro1313's video, he actually leaves his feet.

But, this will be an endless argument until the league rules one way or another. The BC posters will say it is a foul and the Rider posters will say the hit is okay. Until the CFL comes down with anything, what we as posters say is really irrelavent.

Illegal and dirty are two different things. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure that out...

Isn't that what some of the lions fans were arguing last week....you can play dirty and it is not illegal unless you get got.

You are so funny and very good!

No... Dirty is when you injure a player intentially. Illegal is when something unfortunate occurs that is illegal without intent to injure.

I hate to give you the dignity of a response because I already have read enough of your garbage to have zero respect for you , but do you try hard to come up with stupider posts than your last all the time?
Comparing two linemen facing off all game long to a lineman delivering a helmet to helmet shot on a QB as though it's the same thing ? :roll:

Welcome to Mikes Wacky world of dumbing down the thread.

When did Wally become a Dr. .... he is sayin that DD is "all better"

Riiiight .... enuff of your BS Wally .... enuff!

DD is as much to blame for his injuries as are the players who are paid to punish him at every opportunity. There is a long list of players, qb especially who have had to retire due to concussions, mostly caused by their own break neck style of play and complete direspect for their bodies. DD is just another in that long last.

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Pigseye for Mod!



RLR, nobody cares about your BIASED garbage.

Whether it was dirty or not (I think it was) the league needs to establish the rule for head-to-head shots and stick with it. They were supposed to be cracking down on high hits and low hits in the pocket this season, but I've seen plenty of hits on QBs, both above the neck and below the knees, that have gone unflagged.

The league needs to decide whether these shots are legal or not, and stand by that decision one way or the other. Don't call it one play and ignore it the next.

And back in the good ole days when Big Dave and I played with leather helmets, we didn't let a bump on the noggin keep us out.

Consistancy, so tough to maintain. Athletes now are bigger, stronger and faster. How do you compare QB's from Yester years? Dunnigan was quoted of feeling the effects of all his concussions. Yet, Warren Moon, Ron Lancasters probably all took hits and are fine.

Question is do the QBs need more protection than any other player? I guess we can debate that one until the cows come home.

All I know all those hits big Dave and I took never effected us at all
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The CFL better stay consistent with this ruling now. You are going to see plenty more QB's knocked out in a similar fashion now that they have ok'd this type of behaviour.

If they're not going to come-down hard on Perry, or at all for that matter, I expect the same type of ruling if/when Floyd, Wake, Hunt or Johnson do the same to an opposing QB.

A bullshit decision in my opinion meant to save face for the refs that didn't throw a flag on the play.

You are right if you are not going to enforce the rule remove it. It is that simple

It's the CFL's loss with the way they're acting towards this. If they want their star quarterbacks injured in this type of fashion, the quality of play and fanfare is going to suffer drastically.

You are right get use to it. I have seen ones that were not close to what Perrys was and yet they carried through with the rule. Get rid of it if you are not going to use it.

Oh come on guys, think about it for a minute. When was the last time a star quarterback was knocked out with a concussion? Probably Dave Dickenson last year too, and the year before that.

It would be unfair for the CFL to make a special ruling to soley defend one guy. The guy has a glass jaw, everyone knows it, most Lions fans don't even deny that.