IS wally buono have something with this dirty hit thing, or is he just whining about nothing?

My own opinion is that it's nothing. The hit didn't look dirty at all. He wasn't even close to the head, and it wasn't late. If Dickenson can't take a hit and get's hurt in almost every game, that's his own problem. That's not because it was a dirty hit.

Where theres smoke there is fire. I can see this thread being locked like last years. Fist of Bouno did not make the hit. Yes you clearify it later. But let the league decide. Its funny the first week you touch a QB and you were penalized now after three weeks you can bury them in the turf. By the way I am the one who voted dirty.REmember what I said about polls you rider fans are dam well organized and should end up out voting everyone so why make it a poll. Just say now it was not dirty.

I really didnt think the hit was dirty.. any hit that DD takes he runs the risk of getting another concussion.

That's exactley right IMO.

Where's ro1313? He usually has the video clips!

game, quarter and time please.

flip the play around and Joseph gets ko'd you guys would be sing a different tune. rules are rules no hits to the head.

That's ok. You Rider fans who don't think the hit was dirty will have another thing coming for you. Just wait until Brent Johnson or Cam Wake gives Kerry Joseph some sweet chin music.

ro1313, sorry I can't be more specific.

It was early in the first quarter. Allegedly it was a helmet to helmet hit. Dickenson stayed in for a few more plays and then left. No foul was called.

Knowing what Quarter it was narrows it down quite a bit. Ill post it in a bit.

Actually i wouldn't because if you look at it , he didn't even hit him in the head. I know the rule. He hit in under the chin.

I guess maybe the QBs in the league should wear flags, so if a defender rips the flag off then it is a sack. :roll:
Every defender knows that Dickenson is a fragile QB and are going to try to knock him out of the game. I find it very interesting that DD had an ice pack on the back of his neck after he got hit, which should tell most reasonable people that he more than likely got injured when his head hit the ground.

The was not dirty. Could have happenned to KJ and I would feel the same way.

Wally should quite complaining...he stuck up for Murphy's and Jimenez dirty play and said what happens on the field should stay on the field.....maybe he should follow his own advice.

Just brilliant! :lol: :lol: You never fail to amaze me.

Once again Red can't dispute facts so you hold on to some small sliver that just might convince people that you have valid opinion.

Mike have you ever considered comedy! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll: You can believe in your fairy tales but you know what you are the guy that has to convince yourself. Because you are a long way off! :lol: :lol:

A hit to the chin is a hit to the head. The reason for the ice pack on the back of DD's neck wasnt because his head hit the ground it was because of the whiplash effect.

Or maybe he got injured when his head bounced off the turf, from the impact when his head hit the ground.

wasn;t a dirty hit dd is just weak