Buono to lead search for new Elks GM

Maybe he'll also decide to quit using Facebook

Dave from cowtown... pretty sure Huff has shown him almost everything there is to know

…my belief in the natural progression of things says that DD eventually becomes JH’s replacement as GM in Calgary when JH retires…

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YES, agreed there is no way DD will want to go anywhere else

Interesting quote on 3DownNation" Insider Talk" about the problem of hiring Wally as a consultant is that he is from a bygone era suggesting a younger perspective is needed. So much for listen to your elders. My thought was the person should check attendance figures from 1995 before spouting off.

There are a couple of good GM options for Edmonton especially if others think there is no chance for Brendan Mahoney to eventually move up in Calgary.

The keep it simple strategy is to hire Ed Hervey and reap instant benefit amongst the fans and on the field IMO. Let Ed be Ed and stand back. The team will get better. Claybrooks is also deserving.

Team president is a more critical position. Given the history and tradition I expect they will make a good choice that reconnects with the fan base.

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Expect to see Willie Jefferson land wherever Chris Jones is. That and Shivers/members of the Riders d.

Noel Thorpe still has 1 year left on his contract. Is Edmonton willing to eat his contract as well?

The Elks need a GM with the nickname Moose.

Chris Jones... Has a history of putting Chris Jones first before any team that hires him and always leaves for greener pastures sooner than later...One would think those seeking to hire him can still see the bridge he burned when he was last in the Evil Empire is not only still smouldering but is still actively in flames even now. I recall when he left Cowtown that fans there claimed he took the Stamps play book with him to EE and that is the only reason the EE was able to beat the stamps

If you hire Chris Jones you will have a great defence, but your window is about 3 years max and you must be aware he could leave on a moments notice....if you are willing to accept that, then hire him I guess.... remember what he did to the riders.

I'm surprised Toronto is not interested in keeping Jones. Especially with Murphy in trouble.

I shake my head when I hear Chris Jones . Yes he is competent but has no interest in building a future .

The Elkies need stability and someone who wants to have a legacy with that particular team as well as the ability to get the job done effectively .

They messed up with Millanovich who wanted greener pastures they already did it with Jones who did the same .

Find a Canadian or ex -American player who sees Canada as home for the GM ..... then work your way down the ladder .

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Jones can help as HC and DC.

Not many others available that can offer his perceived level of competence in that area. Mike Benevides perhaps.

Not so sure about the GM role but they need to work together so... news soon come.

I dunno a quick fix like Jones to put out fires maybe required if it's that bad .

I think they have time to do it right this time .

so if they have time find a builder ...like a Huff ... like a O'Shea

That is the template to follow for franchises in the league some feeling of connection and stability is required to get the fans to come back .

Jones does not have the track record of wanting to stay anywhere and I see him only as a Defensive coordinator now .

He is great at that and if he changes his philosophy of wanting to be part of something more than just temporary then give him another chance .

Jones went to Toronto for 2 years after Calgary and before going to Edmonton.

I know but on the old tsn forums that is what the stamp fans were saying... Well two of them... Both acted much the current troll here who only posts negative about a certain green team and tries to convince the world how great the red team is

…probably meant it literally, which there is no proof of, but realistically he took it in his head, which is impossible to stop

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Look what he did to the riders, signed an extension and pretty well left the next day. He always leaves collateral damage and I expect we will raid the Riders staff and defense and Willie J too. He is dangerous

I'll check in with the official CFL Science Department (located in downtown Toronto beside Roy's Food Repair) and see how the 'Hugh Campbell Clone Project' is progressing. The last time I looked they were working on Clone #143 which showed promise but immediately jumped to the NFL upon release. Clone #144 will be grown with a 20,000 volt electroshock implant that will keep it north of the US border. We won't be burned again. :smiley: :+1:

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