Buono to lead search for new Elks GM

Maybe he'll also decide to quit using Facebook

Dave from cowtown... pretty sure Huff has shown him almost everything there is to know

…my belief in the natural progression of things says that DD eventually becomes JH’s replacement as GM in Calgary when JH retires…

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YES, agreed there is no way DD will want to go anywhere else

Interesting quote on 3DownNation" Insider Talk" about the problem of hiring Wally as a consultant is that he is from a bygone era suggesting a younger perspective is needed. So much for listen to your elders. My thought was the person should check attendance figures from 1995 before spouting off.

There are a couple of good GM options for Edmonton especially if others think there is no chance for Brendan Mahoney to eventually move up in Calgary.

The keep it simple strategy is to hire Ed Hervey and reap instant benefit amongst the fans and on the field IMO. Let Ed be Ed and stand back. The team will get better. Claybrooks is also deserving.

Team president is a more critical position. Given the history and tradition I expect they will make a good choice that reconnects with the fan base.