Buono supports Moreno re: Burris Hit

Lions coach uses game film to back CFL over Burris hit


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Wally points out what I saw all along...

'Moreno went to his knees and stuck out his arms
to soften the landing on Burris,

it wasn't a play that should have been called.

I'm glad Wally saw it that way.

He clarified a difficult play to describe.

I think this is important since Calgary was moping about it,note their stupid press release saying they had studied 50 other roughing the QB calls etc.

Dissapointed in the Cowboys acting that way....

Especially when one of their players took out BC's Buck Pierce .

A Calgary player took out Julien Radliens knee a few years back.

Jesse Lumsdens shoulder injury happened in Calgary.

This is Football.

Plus, though Moreno is aggressive and physical, he hasn't been, and isn't known to be, a "dirty' player. His play has been tough but clean.

Now guys like Gass, O'Shea, Hebert... that's a different story.