Buono stands up for his team

You think Wally has no class because he didn't immediately throw Rasouli to the dogs? Turn the tables and you think Austin would be like 'yeah that Chick is an animal, he should be suspended'. Get real.

Wally never said he condoned the kicking or punching, he said he thought the O line was sticking up for the QB, and most of them were.

It's funny how the Lions are such dirty players now, and how Wally is responsible and blah blah. All because the Lions are the premier team in this league. Oh well, it's all good. The more you all attack the team, the closer they become. You saw what happened after that scrum. The Lions kicked ass. So please, keep telling Jiminez, Murphy, and everyone else that they are dirty players ... it's all the fuel they need.

Oh no, just what we needed, another RLR on this forum ...

Yes yes yes
You all think that the classless lions are the premier team and the rules of good sportsmanship don't apply to them

I got news for you
Wally cried when DD got hurt and sent film to the league.
Most BC fans cried even louder when the league ruled no foul.

No you all condone kicking and punching.....Simply amazing

I am truly amazed at how stupid most people outside of BC are. We are not condoning the punching or kicking, never have, never will. Read our forum and you'll see that. Yet every single post from you clowns is 'OMG YOU CONDONE STREET FIGHTING IN GAMES'. Take some reading comprehension classes, then come back and post.

I mean it's right there, one post above you. We don't condone it. Yet here you are ... saying we do. Wow.

What is it about Vancouver fans? They try to justify the likes of Bertuzzi, and now they stand up for the goon squad OL for the Leos. Is it something in the water?

I've lived in BC for over 30yrs and I still say we have the worst fans in the league . If their not drunk they have no clue about the game . the OL for the Lions is the dirtiest one I've seen for some time now and that comes from a Lion fan That game against the Als I seen Jiminez go at least 20yrds away from the play and dive at the knees of a Als LB .cheap shot if you ask me . the Lions are better then this .


I think you should take some reading courses......
NO one is condoning it huh?

He are just a few examples of your classless fans supporting it!
read it slowly it might help!

The lions may be better then this but it appears some of their fans and now there coach are not.

Okay, I thought I would take you up on your offer. I went to your forum (and I took some reading comprehension classes!!). Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single topic/thread in the BC Lions forum on this site (I assume that is the "our forum" that you meant) about the scrum and there were only a couple of posts in one topic about the game that only incidentally touched on the scrum. Could you please direct me to where these posts are? Maybe make a link to them to avoid any uncertainty.

Nor have I seen a single post from a Lions fan in any of the multiplicity of topics about the scrum in the CFL main forum where one stood up and made a direct statement that said what Rasouli did was wrong. Have none of you any morals?

It is not just the words, but the attitude, my friend.

You are taking what a couple guys said (one I've never heard of) out of context. I'm sure there were plenty of Sask fans saying the same type of thing after that cheap shot on Dave, which the outcome of was a lot worse than a couple scratches on Shultz' fat, bald, head. You want me to dig around and find out what the Sask fans said after Perry's could be career ending chin shot on Dickenson? I'm sure I could find lots of posts backing Perry up.

You have to remember, Saskatchewan has taken out both of our top QBs this year. I'd say it's time to err on the side of caution, don't you?

Still, Lions fans don't condone dirty play, period.

I think you are all wearing some extremely rosy glasses if you think your own teams are squeaky clean. The line is tough place for both sides, and things are not always as cut and dry as you think.

The real Lions forum is not on this site. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it or not, but it's www.lionbackers.com.

I'll try again: kicking and punching is against the rules and is an automatic ejection if caught. The Rasouli actions and the Perry hit have one big distintion. While you may not like it, Perry's hit was ruled a clean hit on the field and a clean hit after review by the League - not a cheap shot, and not because refs didn't see it. Maybe the League will say that Rassouli's actions were clean, too ... maybe a ref did see it and consciously did not call a penalty. We'll soon see if the League would agree; they have the tapes now. If so, I for one will shut up since, in that case, there would be no difference between the Perry hit and the Rasouli actions.

You may be right that some Rider fans revelled in the hit on Dickenson, but it was a clean hit. However, there would be very few who would be pleased that it caused a concussion and may have ended his season, maybe even his career. Even if they are not concerned for him personally, it is not good for the League for its stars to be on the sidelines, don't matter what team it is.

Okay now, since you don't condone dirty play, stand up and say "What Rasouli did was wrong." Come on, out with it.


Just spent some time there. Hmmm. Seems that all the Lions players are misunderstood little angels. Thanks for point that site out to me. I feel much wiser now.

Planning the parade in Sept, are we?? Thanks for the bookmark material. :roll:

What Rasouli did was wrong. No question. There is no room for that type of stuff in the league. Rasouli already cost us a point due to his temper (Calgary).

In another context I'd say he should be suspended for one game, but given the extenuating circumstances (qb situation, who knows what went on under that pile, previous CFL decisions this year), a hefty fine, and written warning would be appropriate.

That being said ... the entire team is pinning it's hopes on our last healthy QB. I can totally understand (not condone) the back against the wall type of mentality the line has right now. We have had a crazy amount of injuries this year, not just at the QB spot, and everyone is in protect mode.

When it comes to the CFL making this type of decision the amount of injuries should not really have an effect on the decision they make. I would say that the Gass incident and suspension being over turned probably works in Rasouli's favour but then again they might be still overly upset from that and make an example.

I guess we'll see what happens won't we :slight_smile:

Wally's right Tillman should quit his btchng. He has way more important things than thrash talking the BC Lions.

I'm getting this feeling everyone loves to hate BC (we're that good, i guess). Honestly, it seems people are more preoccupied about the antics gonna be put up by Rob Murphy, then trying to sack the QB. It's like a defenceman that loses the puck in hockey because he's worrying about getting hit...

Thank you Retri. I take back the insinuation that you are another RLR. I don't think I would get anything close to that out of him (I invite him to prove me wrong though). If ever a Rider does something like that, I commit to being the one to start the topic condemning it.

I understand what you are saying about the level of awareness of the fragility of certain positions and players and the desire to protect. It's just that when players say "we are professional", it seems to me that has to include overcoming sub-human, reactive instincts.

Geroy, speaking for myself, I don't hate BC or the Lions at all, always kinda had a place for them in my top 3 or 4, went to univerity there, etc. But the arrogance and feined omnipotence of several BC fans on this forum just turns me off. I have caught myself saying "I hope BC loses" just to shut a couple of them up - and that should not be a reason to not like a team. Their comments are so shallow, predictable and one-sided. It only makes it worse that there doesn't seem to be anyone amongst you to call your colleagues on their attitude or behavior. It really is too bad. I'm a diehard CFL fan and I stop reading. I just don't think it does anything to keep the soft fans here.

Just a minute, RLR will soon be posting that I am a sensitive baby ...

The three punches and the knee that Rasouli threw would not have cracked an egg had they hit one. If that’s the best he’s got, I want to fight him for money. When you throw a punch at a player who is suited up, you are more at risk of injuring yourself than you are the other guy. Emotions tend to get out of control when you roll around on other people’s quarterbacks - especially when their QB’s are already in short supply. Save the moral outrage for the crack-backs, chop blocks, spearing and hits to the head that actually injure people and end careers. What happened in Saturday’s game was emotional fluff. Tillman knows that; I don’t know what his agenda is, but his comments are way out of line.