Buono stands up for his team

Lions coach stands up for penalized players

Lyndon Little, Vancouver Sun

Published: Monday, September 24, 2007

While continuing to defend his players, B.C. Lions' head coach and GM Wally Buono said Monday he's content to allow the Canadian Football League determine whether any supplementary disciplinary action is required from last Saturday's scuffle in Regina.

During the 37-34 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Lions had one player ejected and another receive a rough play flag in a late first-half brouhaha over what the team felt was unnecessary rough treatment of quarterback Jarious Jackson.

During the ruckus, B.C. guard Sherko Haji-Rasouli, who maintains he was coming to the aid of his quarterback, appeared to knee and punch an unidentified Saskatchewan player. As well, tackle Rob Murphy drew a roughing major for pinning 'Rider defensive end John Chick to the turf. Saskatchewan defensive tackle Scott Schultz was also penalized for a major foul.

Buono says he doesn't condone the outbreak of non-football hostilities but believes his players acted to protect a teammate.

"I wasn't happy with the brawl," he said during an off-day for the players.

"But we're not going to back down. When one of our players is on the ground and in trouble our guys are going to come his defence.

"I would expect Saskatchewan players would do the same thing."

Roughrider GM Eric Tillman has sent tapes of the incident to league headquarters.

"Our guys played hard," added Buono.

"They're fighting for each other. I don't feel suspensions are warranted, but that's up to the league."

Brailey, give this man a raise. Love his 'dont back down' attitude, and the players must love it too. Buono and the Lions won't back down, and this is what makes them not only warriors, but warriors that get the results.

First place, thanks Wally.

Well, this shows that Wally is as classless as the rest of the team!

Pure class in my eyes. Wouldn’t want it any other way. This guy inspires and it shows. Not sure of any other coach that could have a team led by a third-string QB at the top of the CFL.

Are the Lions that good, or is the rest of the CFL that bad? I think the Lions really are that good, and a lot of the thanks has to go to Wally.

Grey Cup Champs 07, hope we repeat.

Three years ago you would have seen this team back-down, and that's including Coach Buono.

I welcome the change in attitude and in results.

Wally is bang on. Notice how that moment was the turning point of the game. The Lions were playing like crap up until that point. Smart move Riders, you woke the mighty Lions from their slumber.

I laugh at all the comments from Tillman about violence. Whatever eraser head. The Riders started it and we finished it. Out...

Condoning punching and kicking shows class?
Funny how that doesn't surprise me in the least!

Wally is a crybaby and a cheap-shot artist. He was when he was in Montreal and he still is now....

He cries like a baby and sends in film when his QB gets hurt and and then condones kicking a player in the head......
Both on perfectly legal plays.

Real Class WALLY Real Class and sportsmanship!

With two quarterbacks out, and big-ass Schultz rolling around on top of Jarious, I'd support my O-linemen protecting their QB.

You have no class. 10, or 5, seconds until this thread is hijacked by ro1313, trying to challenge all of us to share our "personal accomplishments"?

....well, considering you just opened the door for it, I'd say he'd not be hijacking it so much as following the current thread of conversation.....

Too late, you already hijacked it!
It something you and big brother do when you lose an argument!

I'll bring it back on track!

Any coach who supports kicking another player while he is down should be kicked out of the league.....

Any club who hires Forest Gump and Eraserhead to run their team should not be surprised that they can't win a tough game.

Go have another 'Save the Riders' bottle drive or bake sale Roro1313

Schultz rolled around on top of our quarterback like a pig in the mud. Sherko's actions were so acceptable that other O-linemen should do the same. If a edit is rolling on your quarterback post-whistle, try and get him off. Save your QB.

I think Rob Murphy and Rasouli were hungry (it was almost half-time afterall) and they saw Shultz rolling around like a pig sqeeling so they tried to eat him. Poor Schultz couldn't get away because his bulging belly had him high centered. I think he is the fattest guy in league. And I don't mean phat either.

Its amazing how the lions fans cry when someone touches their fragile excuse for a quaterback and then say its ok to punch and kick a player.......
Such a classy group

I guess it makes them feel tough to live vicariously through their team!

Im not a rider fan

not shocking comments from the coach, but I expect suspensions/fines from all this.the only one's really defending BC in all this is BC and their fans.

There he goes again! Oh, how we love you, ro1313! You are so valuable to this forum!

Back on topic, please.

Buono, Sherko, Murphy, they're all great.

The issue is not teammates coming to the aid of other teammates - it is how they come to the aid of other teammates. According to the CFL rules, kicking and punching is an instant disqualification (if caught, that is). You gentlemen have every right to be proud of the fact that your team’s players stand up for the other teammate, but you are an embarassment to be proud of how one of your team’s players did so. I can’t believe each of you revels in that flagrant disregard for the rules. And And the mockery you make of it - that’s more shameful than the event itself.

Yeah, yeah, you are going to say if it would have been a Rider, I’d be singing a different tune. Well, no, I would not. I don’t deny for a minute that, like you probably did, I would have that internal instinct/reaction to say “yes, give it to him”, but after that initial instinct passes, I would have to say that the kicking and punching went too far and was the wrong way to help the team. And I’d be saying in this forum “my guy did the act, he must take the punishment”. At least Wally seems to be saying that in a round-about way.

Yes and you have made so many contrabutions to the forum! :roll:

When there's a 295-pound D-lineman rolling around on your quarterback, you come to his aid. 'Nuff said.

"I can't say whether they're crying over spilled milk," Buono said. "It's usually after a loss, and let's put two and two together. It was a tough game and an important game and emotions are going to run high. But I don't believe it does anybody any good for team officials to go public, and now you bring it down to this because of sour grapes."