Buono Shops Rob Pikula

Sun 24 Jun 2007

According to Lowell Ullrich of The Vancouver Province

Wally Buono is trying to see if teams with American punters
like Hamilton and Winnipeg are interested in Rob Pikula

even though 20-year-old punter Josh Boden's status
as a territorial protection was still 'in paperwork limbo'.

Rob is a Brantford boy who, some say,
can punt the laces off the football.

Have we got any receivers to trade to B.C for Rob Pikula?

They are going with a rookie at the wide side WR
The Lions had Kendric Jones penciled in there

after they lost Ryan Thelwell to Calgary
and Gilles Colon to retirement.

Perry Leftko of Sportsnet.ca

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The timing's not great, is it? In the off season I could see us making this move. But the team seems pretty set on Setta! My bet is Charlie is going to stick with the guys that made it through camp...Time will tell...

Concerning the final roster, are there any players you guys know of on the roster that have the ability to come in on an emergency basis should Setta go down in a game? (assuming we don't sign a back-up kicker anytime soon)....did you see any of these guys hoofing the ball around at camp?

I think I've seen Radlein do a bit of kicking before if memory serves....(I'm not 100% sure on this though)

Morrellle can do it in a pinch. :wink:

We can get Cody Ledbetter to do the kick-offs again.