Buono on Smith/Warren

What a joke this is. Does Buono think someone just losses his posistion and talent overnight? So he is good to run for you the past few seasons, and be a top RB signing a few years ago, but all of a sudden he isn't good enough to play, or dess?

So will Joe Smith run for 100 yards everygame this is going to be terrific for the Lions.

Who is next on the Lions RB depth chart, because he will be the next Lions RB starter within a month.

Maybe Buono has to do try doing something called coaching.

nobody f…ks with Wally…if you have a problem you go to him, not the press and whine about a lack of touches, and then miss a block which almost puts your star qb out for the season and leads directly to a home loss to a division rival…I would have cut him, he is fortunate he just got benched.

Whats with all the Antonio Warren Fan Boys?

The guy has had one, two outstanding seasons in the CFL and hasnt done anything whatsoever for them this season. Why not get rid of him? Joe Smith obviously showed that he can get the job done. The CFL is a "What have you done for me lately" type league (Does not apply for legends or really good players).

Good runningbacks are a dime a dozen. Warren's time with BC is over, Smith looked very impressive yesterday.

I said this in another post, but I will say it again here. Riders and BC do a straight up trade-- Kenton Keith for Antonio Warren-- maybe the change in scenery will help out both players.

Yeah that would be a reasonable deal, I think Keith is a better runningback though. But it looks like the Lions have a new RB and probably wouldnt start Keith ahead of Smith so from their standpoint it would be "why bother?".

Oh and I noticed the post in the other thread, Just didnt respond cause you smelled bad at the moment.

Huh?? smelled bad?? You lost me there

Just a bad joke lol... But you do smell bad :slight_smile:.

Now Sambo usually you are a smart poster today you are lacking! Why would they want KK when they found Smith! Wally very rarely trades! :lol:

Points to John Avery 'nuff said

You can always use a RB tandem, it works quite well at times. Smith had one good game, he might stink the joint out the next time around , one never knows. If I was Warren, I wouldn't want to be around where I was not wanted, and the same can be said for Keith. He has worn out his welcome here, so a trade might do both some good. At any rate it was just a thought...

Smith earned the starting job as far as I'm concerned. Warren is great catching the ball out of the backfield and a pretty good reciever but no comparison to Smith as a RB . Smith was dragging four defenders at a time for an extra 4 yards pretty regular , bulling his way through the crowd play after play , even when they knew he was getting the ball , when's the last time you seen that from Warren?? Or did you miss the game? Ya , it's only one game but JS EARNED the job for now!

Having said that , for you non-Lion fans AW is still a very good player who catches screens and such better than anyone including Smith . I still would want him to stay with us but give him a different role . I say give him Chris Bush's spot play him as a slot , that would really give the Leo's a few more play options , they could play him in a two back formation and be there catching passes out of the backfield or be a slotback etc.

There's a 0% chance of Kieth coming over in a trade what are some of you smoking?? He's already in Wally "no trades" Bouno's bad books with his off field antics.

what ever is wrong with Kenton right now, he is still way better than Warren. Sask would be nuts to make that trade...but then...they did trade away Corey so I guess its possible.

There is definitely a trend towards larger more powerful rb in the CFL. When you look at Edwards, Reynolds, Williams, Smith, Anthony Davis are all bigger then the guys they are replacing. As for BC its Smith's job to lose now.

It looks like neither guy is going to play anytime soon , unless the Riders are planning to use Keith in tonight's game. My point is why have two talents sitting around and doing nothing? A trade might be a wake-up call for both, and baggage aside, it seems to me that Buono needs to shake up his team a bit , by making a trade. It would be a good deal for both players and teams, but it just my opinion. Like I said its was a thought, it likely will never happen. Pure speculation on my part, but I think its an interesting idea, thats all.