Buono on his way out?

[url=http://www.news1130.com/sports/article/95152--big-changes-may-be-coming-to-struggling-b-c-lions]http://www.news1130.com/sports/article/ ... -b-c-lions[/url]

Wow, now that would be something.

So essentially he will be firing himself.

Wally has already denied this rumour.

If there is no discussion on it on lionbackers.com then it aint happening, no matter what idiots like 170 post on any other site, or what some brainless member of the media refers to as internet buzz

Ask Calgary fans what happened after Wally was let go ? Wally should maybe go upstairs and just be GM ! It's what Cal Murphy did in Winnipeg and things turned out pretty good !

Watching Wally kick our butt for the next three years was a bummer. Oh the dunnigan year... Ugggg