Buono: next coach of Argos?

On TSN the Reporters, one of the panelists made the comment that BC should clean house of their coaching staff, and Wally should take over the Argos. Would seem likely if Braley buys the boatmen. For the CFL’s sake, this could be an excellent possibility.

And leave beautiful Vancouver for Toronto? I have a hard time believing he would do this at this stage of his career.

Bouno would have to be crazy, taking the Argo job and equally as bad yes leaving the beautiful city of Couv.

He has a very good working relationship with David Braley and both he and his family have now set up roots here. While I'm not saying he'll never leave, I am saying its highly unlikely that he'll leave to go to a situation like what the Argos are in now.

According to Marty York it is a done deal-- Wally to the Argos with Braley the new owner and Camilla and Prince Charles as the new mascots!!!!! :rockin: :o

Chuck and Cammy can't be the mascots, heads of public relations, maybe, but not Mascots, LOL!!

Be careful of trusting anything York says....LOL!!

Have you ever known Wally to back down from a challenge? The league needs a Wally-type in T.O. He's in the same category as Pinball.

Good point! Maybe you're right about that. Out of a sense of duty to the league, and as new challenge, maybe he would. Still, it would seem unlikely as he's not getting any younger and it would mean putting down new roots in Hogtown. Though I suppose he could have a home in both places.

Why would either man close up shop in BC, and go to TO when they are already sucessful?

Toronto needs to look eslsewhere for sucess, after all their were all those potensal owners for Ottawa, why wouldn't they be interested in owning the Argos, and rebuilding them? be cheaper than having a new team in Ottawa.

I can't see it.

I can see him hanging up the coaching side of the job however.

I heard the Prince Charles aircraft was overloaded so they ended up dumping their sewage somewhere over SK. That probably explains the recent stench in Regina this week.

This is the dumbest thing I've heard of all season! :roll:

Well 5440 it would have been you that filled the plane with BS and funny you still have alot to spare eh

Because all four of those guys are Ottawa sports team owners or businessmen. A few of them were former Rough Rider season tix holders IIRC - they want the Ottawa team back only.

What would the Argos want with Buono? He's a Canadian who's never coached in the NFL. :stuck_out_tongue:

Serioulsy, as much as it would be good for the league, Wally and his wife Sande have a home in Parksville B.C. on The Island. I see him moving upstairs to become the Lions' GM very soon, doing that for a few years, then retiring to Parksville. I don't think T.O. is in the cards. Lions fans would never forgive Braley for making him do it.

Besides, he's had enough heart troubles already without inheriting that mess. :lol: Remember, the Argos could have had O'Billovich but elected to keep those two underachieving clowns, Rita and Mohns.

there was one guy that has a beer company called the steelbacks or something, while he couldn't remane the team, he seems he be prefect fit for Toronto.

Oh gee, and here I was hoping that Frank D'Angelo's fifteen minutes of fame were up long ago. . .

Clearly you havent been listening to Mike Kelly at all.

:lol: :D :lol:

The Argo's need a coach who knows the game inside and out..

hmmm who's out there???

George Cortez..