BUONO Made A HORRIBLE Coaching Decision

[b]BUONO Made A HORRIBLE Coaching Decision By Not Going For It On 3rd And 5. :thdn:

He Gave The Game Away!

Time For Him To RETIRE![/b]

I don't understand the call myself. The Lions needed at least a TD [converted] to tie the game. What heaven forbid was the purpose in going for a field goal?

If they get the field goal they still need a major and the Als get the ball on their own 35 and try to kill 1:46
If they don't get the 1st down on the 3rd and 5 gamble the Als get about another 5 yards out of the deal and still try to kill 1:46.

Either way the Lions must get the ball back. Had they gone for 3rd and 5 or done a running play at 2nd and 5 they might have gotten the first down. This would have eaten up more of the clock. If the Lions went in for the major there would have been very little time left for Calvillo to get the ball back and get it in field goal range. Then we go into overtime!

I still can't wrap my head around what Wally was thinking.

Agreed, i can not understand his reasoning there?

That might be a bit harsh... Although I do agree kicking the FG made no sense.

Make that two coaching mistakes when you consider her brought a cold Jackson in for a passing play on the 2 yard line when Lulay was hot and moving the ball. This loss is on Wally

sorry...didn't mean to call Wally a her :slight_smile:

Very good point Summerlandfan! Had the Lions taken it in for a TD and converted then that last field goal near the end of the game would have tied the game instead of pulling them within 4 points.

They only needed to make 6'. Why not run it in? But then again....I've seen Jackson try to score from the one and after 3 attempts fail. Ironically it was against Montreal in Vancouver a couple seasons ago.

Buono took the blame, but its the O C that's calling the plays.

For the most part yet, but the FG is the head coach's call all the way. ....While I love to criticize Chapdetwoyardpasseson2ndand10 he wasn't to blame here.