Buono looks ready to step back from coaching Lions

Two months ago, Wally Buono was challenged one day as he sat in his office, overlooking the practice field that has been his second home for three decades. It was suggested he couldn’t leave coaching behind.

It’s never wise, especially if you are pressed for time, to put the man in charge of the B.C. Lions on the spot. But his answer seemed to suggest he is comfortable about finalizing a decision to serve strictly as general manager, which could come within a week.

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Great way to leave as a head coach, a GC victor.

I think Wally Buono made a great decision to concentrate on being the Lions GM and VP of Football Operations. He certainly deserves the accolades he's currently getting. I do have one question that's been bothering me... Why is it that Mike Benevides seemed to "automatically" get the HC job in BC instead of Jacques Chapdelaine? Is Benevides that much better? Benevides is known to have a bad temper, so I don't know if that will be a detrimental thing. Am I missing out on something? What will Chapdelaine do now? Will he stay in BC as OC? :?

I wouldn’t say that Benevides will “automatically” get the BC HC job but I believe Wally has said Benevides is the first person he wants to interview. I assume that’s because Wally feels Benevides is better equipped and prepared to be an HC at this time compared to Chapdelaine or ST coordinator Chuck McMann or any of the other coaches currently on the Lions’ staff.
Also, Chapdelaine’s time with the Lions has not always been smooth - he left the Lions in 2007 for a one year stint in Edmonton. Another factor - the history of CFL head coaches who emerged from the coaching ranks of the CIS has not exactly been stellar… Marcel Bellefeuille, Greg Marshall, even back to Russ Jackson.