I have noticed in local media Buono speaking a lot of areas that are normally the HC responsibility.
He was commenting on injured players saying he’s big on having them practice before playing.
Commenting generally on players roles and performances.
being interviewed before games rather than Benevides.
Anyone else notice this?
Having him just a few doors away from Benevides, especially with some heat now, might not be the best situation for a new head coach.

Benevides was completely outcoached by Kavis Reed. It was not even funny how bad Benevides was. He didnt kick a 44 yard field goal with time running out at half?

You have to take a kick of 44 yards?

I think he is not head coach material-- Never was sold on this guy-- Wally has to come back as COACH

for god’s sake.
start your own “fire” Benevides thread if you want.
MY thread asked if folks have noticed Buono stepping int areas that are
usually the HC’s responsibility.

Perhaps Wally is taking some of the load off of his new head coach in the beginning, not the worst idea I can think of. Or maybe you're forgetting that Buono held the HC, GM and alternate governor jobs. Maybe Bene will grow into that in the future, but for now the HC needs to focus on the product on the field and stop the rot after two underwhelming performances.

Our biggest problem on defence is that we've been on the field two long, two weeks in a row. Bighill isn't stopping the inside runs soon enough and our ends need to play better against the outside run, and on pass rush. Our tackles need better pocket push inside and have to make some plays against the running backs in the inside gaps. Our blitzes are getting picked off or getting there late. Stubler needs to get more out of his best guys. Tim Brown isn't breaking any returns lately. Marsh had the hit of the year against Stamps in our end zone but got hurt on an innocent looking tackle. We miss the leadership of Hunt and Johnson and the big play capability of Elimimian. And Khalif Mitchell might be suspended after a blatant attempt to injure one of Edmonton's offensive linemen last night. There is no place for that crap in athletics and I hope the league comes down on him hard for that.

So far our offence doesn't have much of an element of surprise, just the usual stuff you see them run in practice. Lulay is less accurate and confident this year and seems to lack decisiveness against zone defences, so at times he is making poor decisions. Our backup QB failed to execute a bootleg near the goal line and doesn't look like hie runs very fast. Lulay could have had four picked off last night. We aren't getting Arland Bruce involved enough, probably because he is being bracketed everywhere he goes. Gore is out for who knows how long and Smith is done for this year. Kudos to Marco Ianuzzi and A.J. Harris for strong performances. Nick Moore dropped another easy one, as did Geroy over the middle on a crosser. Tough play by Simon, tipping it to the opposition near the goal line but it wouldn't have happened if the throw hadn't been off line. Dante Marsh is out with a bad shoulder, adding to the list of injured Lions on the shelf. We can't get heat on QBs and we're beating ourselves with turnovers, despite having better offensive output. And we're getting penalized, some ridiculous like the PI call on Banks in the end zone. All he did was have his hand on the receiver, something I've seen not called time after time this year. Maybe our guys abuse the officials too much and aren't getting enough slack from the zebras.

No better time than next week to get back on the winning train against the Stamps, who had an unbelievable comeback against the Riders a couple of night ago. Best game so far for Kevin Glenn and I'd love to see more of Bo Levi Mitchell; that guy is a born leader, super confident and a real gamer.

And we're getting teams that are overachieving against last year's champs. Steven Jyles played his best game until getting hurt. Kerry Joseph played his best at relief pitcher so far. And Hugh Charles is yet another great back in this league, a three tool player who can block, run and catch it.

Dooger out. :cowboy:


I’m only asking if anyone has noticed if Buono is stepping into areas with the media usually reserved for the HC?

just a simple question really.

No, I for one have not noticed Buono stepping into areas with the media usually reserved for the HC.

I noticed Wally wearing a shirt and tie to games....perhaps posing for GQ magazine! :lol: :lol:

Flag, Bene has only been there four four games. Let the man progress and quite picking gnat crap out of pepper. As for Buono, he has always done plenty of interviews, that’s part of the GM job. Do you not think Tillman does media in Edmonton, or the other GMs do the same? It is a public business and maybe Buono is taking a bit of heat off his HC in the beginning, not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.

Go Leos.

Thanks lions1 for responding to my question .

booger: oi vey. its a simple question . no values added. sheesh. age is a bitch.