Buono 1-5

Anyone in their wildest dreams ever think this would happen to Wally?

No. And that's part of why I'm 1-3 this week. :oops:

It happens. Before a few years ago, Phil Jackson had never lost a first round playoff series before.

It's alarming that the Lions will probably make the playoffs too.

Just like they did last year and they shocked everyone when they beat a red hot Hamilton team.Buono can coach the hell out of a team, there's no doubt about that.

Except the winning percentage so far is less than half what it was at the end of last season. Still, it's true that anything can happen in the playoffs.

While I will never give up chearing or hoping, I doubt we’ll be in the post-season…

The season is long, but considering how the standings have shaped up through the first third of 2010, it's anything but a given that the Lions will make the playoffs. Should be an interesting stretch drive this year.

If Edmonton and BC keep sucking, we could actually see an East team cross over.

this is what happens when a great coach like buono has pretty well done his time as a head coach, his time is up and i wish he would step down and take that offensive coordinator with him. I have to admit Buono has lost control of the Lions, and they need new blood in there, to turn this thing around, or the lions are not going to win another game this year.

Ok…doops…you say some of the most ridiculous things

you are on…if Buono doesn’t quit you say they wont win another game.

I have $1000 to your $200 to dispute that.
Name a holder of that bet and you are on.

Wally could look at bringing in Mike Kelly... :lol:

Yes it does happen, as often as a squirrel falls out of a tree...

Now wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth?

and Danny Maciocca for that matter...LOL!

Remember that if Casey Printers isn't injured, the Lions don't lose the close ones. They could have beat the Stamps with Casey.

Casey didn't look much better than Lulay so far this year. The Lions O-line is terrible and has been for a few years now. I think 1-5 looks good on Wally, no coach in this league seems to get right in the officials ears as much as Wally. He's still a good coach though, maybe he's losing a bit of his edge in his old age, how he always used to make ruthless moves to get rid of aging vets.

The West is wide open for that 3rd spot right now, both the Eskimo's and Lions are very much in the playoff race.

I do believe there are 3 much better teams in the east ahead of both the Lions and Eskimos.

Much like Edmonton, the Lions have been in slow decline for years now. This year it's so bad that they're on the outside looking in. Buono does deserve the blame for that, he hasn't been able to restock the team the way someone like Jim Popp has.

Not if the EAST cross overs first...Wheres ro1313 now? :lol: :lol: :lol: