bunni's skydome experience

First, lets just call it skydome,there is no mistaking its now Rogers,you cant miss the blatant marketing of that name.
got to the stadium bout 2:30.parking quite easy and only 20.00
lots goin on outside but the area needed to be about 3 times the size.
after a gentle frisking we headed up and i mean up to the 500 level. sitting in those small plastic seats made me long for a good wooden bench.
Beer: skydome has done a great job of preventing drunks at the games,just make everyone wait 45 min to an hour for their beer.
Food: I’ve been to stadiums and arenas throughtout North America and sky wins bare none. When it comes to food and service noone comes close to the selection and service and value than skydome.sorry for the sarcasm.this place made me long for ivor wynne,bad!were eating at a 5 star restaurant at ivor wynne compared to this garbage.
in closing enjoyed the game,sask fans are awsome,skydome sucks

Beer: skydome has done a great job of preventing drunks at the games,just make everyone wait 45 min to an hour for their beer.
I should hope you abstained if you were on duty Bunny.

Unfortunately, most of your compaints focus around the 500 level. A level rarely used throughout the season for the Argos and Rogers Jays. Thus the limited concessions/selection, beer lines, etc. Rogers staff no doubt underestimated the crowd size and forgot they were beer drinking FOOTBALL fans.

I would glady take my day of parking for only 5 bucks on weekends at the Globe and Mail, 2 blocks from Skydome. My warm, cushioned seat in the 100 level with a greasy Pizza Pizza slice and Keith's beer. Compared to parking on someone's muddy lawn near Ivor Wynne for 15 bucks, seating on a wet, backless bench while smelling everyone's garlic sausage burps while drinking my 8 dollar beer can. Anyone can complain or twist the facts to suit they're purpose.

One thought to ponder is how desperate do you need to drink beer? If you payed 300 for your seat, your realistically wasting over 50 bucks waiting in those lines. Hey I love beer, but can wait untill the game is over and get one cheaper in less than 2 minutes, brought right to me at any bar. Anyone who waited in those Grey Cup lines was an idiot.

Rogers staff no doubt underestimated the crowd size and forgot they were beer drinking FOOTBALL fans.
Easy mistake being that it was sold out forever and the Grey cup game. Bunny told his story as he saw it, skydome isnt fan friendly in any sense of the word as far as i am concerned. The football experience at ivor wynne is better in my opinion including the fact that it might even rain!

you are right about the people in those beer lines being idiots,as i recall now most wore argo colours.
i wish i woulda know i could have parked a few blocks away for only 5 bucks. then again i think i'd rather pay the extra and not have to worry about taking my life in my hands.nothing worse than going to the grey cup and ending up a statistic.

Obviously they knew the crowd size. I hope anyway, we are talking Rogers here. What I tried too say was the crowd size of beer drinking fans. Compared to baseball or other events. And even though they know the crowd number, seeing and subsequenty experiencing them is a different story.

Explain how the dome is not as fan friendly as Ivor Wynne? One is falling apart and has failed to maintain and provide adequate upgrades? Keep in mind this was the Grey Cup. Trying to grab a beer, or trying to enter a washroom at the 96 Grey Cup was truly a nightmare. I just finished explaining how one can have equally a terrible or positive experience at either. It's all how you make it. You want to park across from IWS, you pay 20 bucks too, down the street 10 bucks.

Explain how the dome is not as fan friendly as Ivor Wynne?
They dont play baseball in ivor wynne, you can actually sit close to the action, hear the hits, yell at the argo players. The dome is a waste of money and should have been bulldozed under years ago. The NFL wont use it if they come and the cfl will move to the new soccer stadium. The dome is a concrete jungle that makes me feel like I am in a tomb and definately not near as enjoyable a place to watch a football game as iws. Atmosphere in the dome is non existent at the best of times. Get over the high and mighty everything in toronto is better attitude and admit that iws is a better place to watch football for the fan. Thats how.

sounds like we park in the same lot...and have similar gameday preferences:
competitive team in 100 level seats, with cheap parking and seats with backs > crappy team, bench seats, expensive parking blocks away from the stadium ( and wondering if the guy i paid actually owns the lawn i just parked on ).

I have to agree other then how close you sit to the field at ivor wynne there is nothing positve about it. Even management has aknownlegded it is the worst stadium in football and if there was 16 teams itd be number 16. For one to say parking far away in toronto you risk your life well the same can be said for hamilton as you wander down barton street. Both have pros and cons but as of right now not many pros about IWS

nothing sucks worse than the skydome.

How many homicides happen in TO compared to Hamilton? Barton Street ain't much, but I'd rather walk down there then many parts of T.O. Not to make light of homicides and murder, but you brought it up about Barton Street first. Just fighting fire with fire.

When did management ever say that IWS was the worst stadium in football? Find me the quote. Does it need upgrades? Yes. We may even need a new stadium soon (but hey, IWS has been around since '30).

IMHO, Skydome was meant for baseball. And it's a wonderful venue for baseball. But it is way too cavernous for football. I never need binoculars at IWS, but at Skydome, I need them to even remotely see anything on the field (and that's on the 100 level). And if Skydome were in a residential neighbourhood like IWS, you wouldn't bet people wouldn't take advantage of it to make a little extra cash?

Now, I'm not putting down Toronto. It's definitely a World Class city (although the fact that you constantly need such a confirmation reeks of desparation). It's a great city for attractions and sports. Theatre as well. The people are pretty friendly (except when I come to town in a Ticat jersey :slight_smile: ) I do have some issues with you guys, but all in all, I really have nothing against the city.

But skydome just does not have the same history, atmosphere, and general feel as IWS does.

Just to clear something up, yes there have been a stadium on the site from the 30's, Civic Stadium. None of that original stadium exists today. The South stands and East end zonewere built in the late 50's. The old North stands were torn down and replaced in time for the 1972 Grey Cup. That was the year they also installed artificial turf for the first time. Changed the name at the same time.

So the stadium dates only from the 50's for the most part. Not withstanding it needs to be replaced.

I cant provide you with the quote but i can say i heard it on 900 chml on night and it was from Ron Lancaster when they were talking about building a new stadium. He said it was the worst stadium in the CFL when asked if needs replacing and he said if there was 16 teams in this league our stadium would rank 16. Outside of the site lines what else good can be said about this stadium not much

Molson stadium is by far the worst and it's not like any team has a great stadium, they all have major problems.

Let's get something straight... BIG does not necessarily mean great. NEW does not necessarily mean great.

The greatness of IWS, like other old stadiums like Fenway, MLG, or Lambeau Field (and for the record, I'm not equating IWS with any of these great stadiums) lies in its history and the ambience. Do (or did) these stadiums have their faults mainly because of old age? YES. Does it take away from them? No.

Face it. Skydome just has no football ambience.

For the record, I'm not just saying this because it's TO or the Argos. Exhibition Stadium DID have football ambience and was a great stadium to watch football.

IWS stadium is falling apart though, and Hamilton will probably get a much-deserved stadium in the next few years, preferrably in the downtown core.

I'd like to invite all of you to Commonwealth next year when Hamilton comes to play again. Some of you won't like the track creating distance from the field, but the seating is still pretty good and unless its a really cold game requiring a run on hot chocolate at half-time, the concession lines aren't ridiculously overcrowded either.

So hey, good food, good football(hopefully) and good times in Edmonton for CFL '08!

And ditto for any Esks fans (or any other fans from other cities) to come to IWS. It's a great place to watch football, as I am sure Commonwealth is as well.

I just hate football in domes. Football is a sport that is meant to be played in natural conditions.

All in all, I would love to visit all CFL stadiums (I've only been to IWS and RS/SD). Although BC Place wouldn't thrill me for the simple fact that it is a dome.

Skydome beer service is a disgrace.

One person behind the booth does everything. He pours the beer and then he takes the money and makes change if necessary.


You'll wait in line for 20 minutes or more even during regular season Argo games.

Here is a link to another discussion on this very topic. People from across the country are disappointed with skydome.

How could the management be so stupid? Or, are they trying to make the CFL experience unpleasant. When the Bills play at the dome, I wonder if there will be more people working the beer booths, the way it is done every else in the world.

i love baseball and go to lots of jays games every year, and skydome cant hold a candle to most ballparks in the US. i went to camden and PNC last year and the sooner they bulldoze that crappy dome the better.

as far as IWS is concerned, the walk from your car to the games is amazing. you dont get that walking the 2 blocks to the dome.