Bungle's Grey Cup Odyssey

God thank for last week's games to get me back into the CFL They were played at a high level,with minimal amateur moments that left you wondering what the heck happened.
I will be most likely watching the game on Skid Row, since none of the bars around here (downtown Vancouver will be showing it)
Having just basic cable in an 1800 dollar furnished suite seems reasonable, but the fact TSN is not included really stinks. I honestly know no one who watches the CFL, so unless my dad is coming to skid row with me to watch, then it will be an alone experience... I could watch the game from my buildings gym, like I watched the four playoff games,but I'm feeling lazy today

Not too much activity going on in this CFL forum of late either.

Go to one of those downtown bars and get them to change the channel to the Grey Cup, If you gotta knock a few heads together, so be it. Maybe all that time in the gym will pay off. Remember you're doing it for the CFL.

go have an early supper at a boston pizza

Every bar I go to (which is NOT very often) always has at least a TV or 2 for the CFL. Never an issue.

I live in Mississauga and have managed to convince management to play the Grey Cup with full audio at a Jack Astor's :open_mouth:
I only reason I could swing that is because I work here.
Jack Astor's, a 'proud Canadian company ' has an nfl program, which makes the CFL's visibility in southern Ontario even more obsolete.

I feel your pain compadre, dios te bendiga :')

Good for you. :thup:

There will be numerous bars in downtown Vancouver showing the game. Go to any one of them, plunk yourself down beside some fans and introduce yourself and the rest will care of itself.

And try to be nice, eh?