Bummers trade with Als

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Als acquire two from Bombers


The Alouettes have traded quarterback Ricky Santos to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for a pair of Canadian defensive ends – Riall Johnson and Shawn Mayne – The Snap has learned.

More details to follow.

I was expecting Simpson and Arthur for Leak. I'm not quite sure what the Als plan to do with those two gentlemen but it's nice to see Ricky Santos get a chance to play.

Yes and no, being traded to the current circus in Wpg will not do wonders to ones career IMO.

I'd have jumped on a deal like that, but I doubt that even Kelly is dumb enough to offer both Simpson and Arthur just for Leak.

Santos was obviously not going to play in Montreal. . . Mayne strikes me as a spare part, and Johnson's been pretty much a disappointment wherever he's played (BC, Hamilton, Winnipeg). So it's not exactly a blockbuster. . .

Sorry gang, I was confusing Johnson with N. McKay Loescher. . . my mistake.

I"m not sure I like the deal. Mayne's a spare part, and Johnson is unlikely to displace Stewart, Bowman, or McElveen for playing time.

That said, I might have been tempted instead to send McPherson to the Bombers. AC is a couple of years away from retirement yet, so McPherson will likely walk as a F/A after the season. . . so I'd have liked to have groomed Leak and Santos for a couple of seasons. . . as it is, we'll now go into next season with AC and Leak only. . .

Great trade. We've been crippled by NI injuries. Now we can dress a NI lineman and free up an import spot elsewhere on the roster (DB? Could we finally see Stanford Samuels or Randee Drew?). And all we gave up was our 4th-string quarterback? :rockin:

I'm sorry to see Santos go, but let's face it. If he had any future with the team, he wouldn't have been the fourth-stringer. I like what I've seen from McPherson and Leak and am perfectly comfortable with this deal.

Once again, kudos, Mr. Popp. :cowboy:

.....ALRIGHT ....what's the scoop on Santos....two ni's for a fourth stringer...he better have something...IF he looks good immediately, he could knock Bramlet out of the starters spot...but i think the main reason we got him was to get some play-book off the Als so Kelly can actually see how to win.....otherwise.....I thought MacPherson would've been a better bet.... :wink: :roll:

Hey I'd forgotten about Samuels and Drew. . . and I've been a big fan of both players. . .

However, the way Parker and Brown have played in the HB spots, it's understandable that I'd forget about Samuels and Drew, I suppose. . .

Papa, I wish I could give you an answer, but honestly, my memory of him in preseason is hazy at best. Seems to me he moved the ball fairly effectively, and he certainly has standout college credentials, but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine as to what you just got in the trade. I remember Santos being in competition with Leak for the third-string spot but Leak must have obviously impressed Trestman enough for Santos to wind up hidden on the 9-game IR.

My hope is that in Winnipeg, Santos can develop into a good “manage the game” type quarterback whose value lies primarily in avoiding big mistakes rather than in making big plays. At least initially. But you need to get him some receivers or he’ll be just as ineffective as Bishop / LeFors / Randall / Williams / Bramlet.

My memory of him in both pre-seasons was how precise and quick to release the ball. I also remember that all the passes he threw were short so I have no idea what kind of strenght his arm has. But Montreal spent two years developing Santos. It's never a sure thing with a rookie QB in the CFL but Winnipeg get's a guy who's got two years in the best coached offense in the CFL. I think that is worth something.

Yep, if you're going to gamble on a rookie, it may as well be a Trestman-coached rookie. I wish Ricky all the best in Winnipeg. Hopefully, they can get a real offensive coordinator for next season and start implementing a solid system in which he can thrive.