Bummers Spring Cleaning.

Ex-Cats released are fan-favourite punching bag Brock Ralph, Chris Davis and Andre Sadeghian.

Let's bring them to Hamilton!

Source: http://www.cfl.ca/article/bombers-sign- ... rock-ralph

LaPolice is going to clean house like a mini-tornado


None of them are worth Bring in Brock is fast but has Hands of stone.
We have Better Imports then Davis now
Sadeghian is nothing more special teams player there a Nickle a Half Dozen

In no particular order all are:

a. too soft
b. too small
c. too useless.

They released a few Ticat castoffs, but they brought one in, according to that article. DE Jason Vega, one of the last players to be cut by the team before the start of the season last year, was signed by WPG.

I can't see any of those three players coming back here either.

I am still of the stance that Davis had a lot of talent but one day for some reason started dropping balls left and right. That trend carried on to his time in the Peg.

A talented pass dropper doesn't last long in professional football.

Funny, don't recall pounding on Sadeghian.