Bummers Eyeing Danny Mac As AGM?

WE need to hang onto Danny Mac....

Hopefully this is bunk!!


And now there are whispers that hall of fame quarterback Danny McManus, currently the head U.S. scout for the Ticats and a former Bombers pivot, will be targeted by Winnipeg to join its managerial staff, likely as assistant GM

Rumours fly hot and heavy Grey Cup week. It's all part of the atmosphere. Although possibly true why would he want to leave a successful organization for the cesspool in skeeter town? :roll:

Because it's a promotion. He goes from head scout to assistant GM. It's a better position and likely pays more (and he might not have to travel as much). Also, it will also help him land a GM job down the road, which he wants, if he is able to prove himself capable. I'd hate to lose him to another team (I know he played for other teams, but Danny Mac will always be a Ti-Cat to me), but if the Bombers offer him the job, I see him taking it.

i dont like this stuff i say no transactions or rumours should be able from end of reg season till final gun of grey cup. the teams prep all year for the cup not that it will make a diffence to them wether someone leaves gets fired etc but why take away from the pot of gold

Can't see it. He does not want to leave Florida so another absentee manager for Winnipeg is not the way to go.

The word does not stop turning and reporters don't put away their laptops because there is a football game this weekend. I doubt very much this will take away from the GC weekend :lol:

I've heard similar things as far as Danny wanting to maintain residency in Florida. Although, being the AGM, to Walters as GM, who's focus & skills are with Cdn Talent, would allow Danny to focus on import talent in the US. Jim Popp hangs his hat in North Carolina much of the year. No reason why Danny couldn't do the same as AGM with the Bombers.

Would hate to lose him but wish him all the best for future opportunities & career advancement/development.

I really can't understand any football guy leaving a stable situation to step into that hornet's nest in Winnipeg. Jury is still out on Miller and the entire organization has to be rebuilt. Ottawa an expansion club is in better shape !

Some people are energized and enthused by a challenge. They invite the opportunity to build something, rather than just carry forward.

I'm not saying that this is the case here. I would very much like to see Danny stay in Hamilton.

I'm just sayin'.

Its Austin's team now and Austin aint done remaking this organization. It's the perfect time for DMAC to stretch his legs.

I hope this rumour is false and Danny Mac stays with the Ticats. He's one of my all-time favourite Ticat players, but that's my bias. However, more importantly, he's also done a fine job finding good talent for us. If he wants to be an AGM, why not give him a promotion and call him AGM and head scout? He probably deserves a raise for the good work he's done. And KA could use some help I'm sure, he has a lot on his plate as GM and HC and being QB coach too.

Does anyone know if Danny has spent any quality time with Burris over the past couple of years? (i.e. giving advice on QB'ing)

I know he's not the QB coach, but you'd have to think his experience could be put to use in that regard on an informal basis.

I think it's interesting that Danny's playing career included stints as a backup to both Austin (in the early days) and Burris (in the final year). I assume that background means he's got a good relationship with both.

So then you would have a Head Coach and G/M (Austin) in addition to a "de facto" GM (Tillman) as well as an assistant GM (McManus) ! Seems like a slight case of constipation at the top of the player personnel department!

Danny may not see much short term opportunity for advancement under the current structure. How well does he fit in under the Tillman/Austin duo? I don't recall Austin or Tillman complimenting Danny publicly for the all good players he has discovered and sent northward.
Danny's been a scout for several years now - his next challenge probably lies with another organization.

Several other teams have an assistant GM, or a similar role, or a director of player personnel as well as a GM. Calgary is one other team that has one person as GM and HC. They have 2 assistant GMs. I don't think that makes these organisations top heavy. On the other hand, I think we may be light in management.

I'm not aware that Tillman is the de facto GM. I thought he was brought in as a consultant. That's what it says in the list of people under Football Operations.

True, I haven't heard Austin or Tillman compliment Danny Mac or any of our scouts. Actually, I don't think I've heard Tillman say anything on any subject. That doesn't surprise me for a consultant.

It's just my opinion that Danny Mac has found some good talent in his role as head US scout. It may well be that Danny will move on. If he does find a better opportunity elsewhere, I would wish him well. If he'd be interested in added responsibility in Hamilton, I think there is room for it without overloading management.

Austin's in charge, he can decide whether he wants or needs more help. Based on his performance in his first year with the Ticats, I would trust his judgment.