Bummers at Greenies GDT

Also known as The Toilet Bowl!

In lieu of a flyby a John Deere Combine will cross the field at the opening ceremonies.
The sell out crowd of 34,000 SSK Fans or 72,000 total teeth will be in awe! :wink:

40 kph sustained wind, gusting to 54 kph @ YQR at the moment, pilots have been heavy on the rudder while trying to land on RWY 13/31 this morning :smiley:

Good luck the the Punter Kicker QB types today with that wind :thup: Love mixing WX and Football :rockin:

They had better tighten up those chinstraps on their watermelon helmets with those high winds blowing! :smiley:

Hahaha to funny. Grover i do like this side of you lol

Great punt return TD by Demski, but I wish the Officials would throw a flag for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Taunting" for the way he carried the football into the end zone. I have NO problem with the way he originally carried it in his left hand -in celebration- but as soon as he changed hands and stuck the ball into the faces of the pursuing players is stupid.

Hi folks! Thanks Grover for starting this game thread!

Just caught tsn's highlights of the first half..missed the fist half

A miss direct snap on Sask and a returned punt for a td.. Safe to say its been fairly boring game?
Man they got 2 Cf-18 to fly over.. So not fair!

Theres something about a Big RB that would rather juke a db than truck him that bugs me. Put your head down Jerome!!

Saskatchewan is ahead 22-10 after three quarters. Winnipeg is losing with plenty of boneheaded penalties!

Sasky going to finally get off the schneid?!?

Out of bounds. How does the ref right in front of Baggs not see that

Wow. Upheld :expressionless:

A great drive by the Riders against the wind that featured a lot of Jerome Messam -- Bagg runs it in and it's 29-10 now. The Bombers are in deep doodoo!

Looks like it although I'm not so sure that that last pass caught by Bagg was in bounds but O'Sh loses the challenge and Riders have just added to their total. Bombers haven't scored since the first quarter!!! :oops: :oops:

They've been pulling a page out of the greenies book and taking TONS of stupid, avoidable penalties. :oops: :oops:
No matter - I did pick the prairie dogs to win this one! :smiley:

Hajrullahu misses a long FG for a single. Saskatchewan is up 29-11 now.

Hi tabbie. Having a good long weekend so far? Ready for tomorrow?

I thought the call should have been no catch. if it was that close and it took 2 of them to decide, the Refs should have called it OB and Sasky could challenge. I dont think either one saw Baggs feet.

Another COLOSSALLY stupid roughing penalty by the Bombers after the play. Riders are in control here.


McCallum with a rare missed FG -- 30-11 Riders, late 4th quarter.