bummer week for football, sigh

all these games went wrong for me

WPG lost
Ham Lost

Pittsburgh won
Dallas won
Giants won

Green bay lost
Carolina lost
Chargers lost
Atlanta lost

One game that mattered went good

N.O. won, but they beat another team I also like

Its all my fault.

I usually buy tickets betting against the team I like to win so that I have a consolation prize if too many lost. Didn’t do that this week. Would have made me some money. :’( :’( :’(

p.s. Want Rams to win tomorrow, but expect the Chiefs to winas the Rams D has been slipping lately for some reason.

You’re a terrible person, FYB. A terrible person. :wink:

I know, I know :-[

But Pitts winning was good…maybe our team will learn to stop relying on a meh QB and build this O line a bit so we can score TD’s imstead of FG’s

Huh? The only teams I recognize are the first two, and they both lost.


My Western Mustangs did however beat the green Huskies!


The 54-51 Rams win over the Chiefs was pretty cool! :slight_smile:

Two of the best QB’s in the new era of the NFL . Freakin Epic . :smiley:

Watched the highlights, crazy game and many would say amazing game, best all year like Jabari Greer did on Sportscentre. Of course this type of game in the CFL would be called by CFL naysayers as “no defence but CFL players can’t play defence and turnovers, bush, garbage, only in the CFL etc.”

Agree aerial .

Still love it but the CFL version would be hacked up by critics for sure as bush league defence .

The NFL has caught up to our wide open style though and it’s not the old NFL it’s more like the CFL now but you hear nothing about it from the hyped up media .

In 2010, the Riders beat Johnny’s Alouettes by the same score of 54-51 in overtime. That also was an awesome game (even though we lost)!