Bummer for the Ti-Cats

That's too bad for the Ti-Cats. After fighting their way back and tying the game at 40-40 with less than a minute, Toronto has to have its not 2nd string QB, not 3rd string QB but its 4th string QB come up with one of his best performances. And then kicker Swayze Waters whose longest field goal was 41 yards carves out a 51 yard FG to seal the Ti-Cat's fate! Bummer but amazing. With just 2 seconds on the clock and a guy kicking who looks like he needs ID so he he can see an R rated movie Waters is as cool as a cucumber. The Ti-Cats players' hearts must have sunk as they watched the ball silently sail through the air towards uprights. Tough way to lose a game. Tough way to get eliminated. Edmonton must be salivating. They are in the playoffs. All that is left is to determine who meets Toronto in the Eastern Semi. It will either be Edmonton or SSK and it will be interesting to see how SSK and Edmonton approach their respective last game for the season match-ups.

Winnipeg or Hamilton is the most disappointing team of 2012 because of high expectations. Arguably, Burris is the top quarterback in the CFL but couldn't overcome a weak defense and inability to win on the road. Now there is no need for Edmonton or Saskatchewan to win in final week. Crossover to east is preferable to facing BC and Calgary the hottest teams in the second half of this season.

Henry Burris and the Tiger-Cant's

Tillman is grateful :wink:

Other than the most biased Winnipeg fan, who in their right mind ever thought the Bombers would amount to anything this season? My signature from back in the spring told you everything you needed to know about where & why Winnipeg's season was headed.

Hamilton is clearly the CFLs most underachieving team this year. Clueless HC and absolutely brain dead DC is what ruined their season. Even with those handicaps, if the TiCats had somehow managed to sneak into the playoffs they would have been a legit threat to win the East just based on their offensive firepower.

Yup. And unless the Stamps put up a pile of points, Hamilton is going to be the first team in CFL history to lead the league in scoring and not make the playoffs. That's all on the defense.

How often do you put up 40 points and still lose?

If they had even a mediocre defense, they win a lot more games this year.

Defense is definitely the fall for a disappointing 2012 Hamilton season. In slight defense of the Hamilton D line last night they were coming off a short week as well and Toronto which does not have a good O line to begin with were able to put some very fresh legs out there and also a very fresh and talented RB in Gerald Riggs. You can see how slow the D line was in reacting to Riggs when hitting a whole or making a cut back. they were just not physically ready due to the short weak. Had this game been played on saturday with a full week of rest there may have been a different outcome.

I hope the Riders get destroyed in the first round GoRiders, I'll be praying. 8)

I can't speak for GoRiders, but where would you like this destruction to happen Earl?

How can Burris be top CFL quarter back if his team finished out of the playoffs? His team could not win on the road except for one game. Great his passing yards are tops for the moment. He should be thanking Williams for helping him on that one.
In watching the game last night whereby they needed the win for any chance at getting into the playoffs (with the help of the Stamps too), he throws 2 costly INT's. And clock management with few minutes left in the game and he is wasting time in the huddle instead of getting his play off as fast as possible.

Great stats sure. But where will he be next weekend?

I don't dislike the Ti-Cats, that's just what they were this year

The most baffling year for Hamilton. having the best offense in the CFL with a QB throwing for over 5,000 yards and 40+ TD's, Two RB that combined for well over 1,000 yards, The best punt return players setting records for returns, and the Kick Off return team quietly is a top the CFL in return yards.
The defense was unstable all season long whether it be injuries or underachieving play it is still very hard to beleive that they did not have a better record and make the playoff in a league in which 6 out of 8 teams do.
I know people are inclined to blame burris for his INTs but he had the highest QB rating. Callivillo had 14 INTs and only 31 TDs in one less game than Burriss and all the hype over how great a season Kevin Glenn had he threw 16 INTs to only 24 TDs. Cant blame Burris for this one

Agree with the poor clock management. They wasted lots of time from about the 7 minute remaining mark in the 4th quarter. I was yelling at the tv for them to get into hurry-up.

Disagree with most of the rest, every QB throws costly INT's, Glenn used to do it regularly when he was here, ditto Danny Mac. Anyone who thinks that the team's problem this year was on offence is just deluded imo. Our stupid frickin' DC, when facing 3rd & 4th string QB's last night, still rarely blitzed, even on the last drive. Why not pressure the QB's who aren't used to playing time? Makes no sense to me.

I agree although the Cats were also coming off a short week the lack of Blitzing was puzzling. The should have come full force the entire game. They have a lot of depth in the D backfield so rotating some of them into the Wil spot for Eiben would have been able to keep some fresh blitzing players on the field. Even disguiing it with those guys dropping into coverage and bringing safety and corner blitzes. That just did not make any sense Beswick, Hinds, and Bucknor are great sp teams players and would have used that same mentality to blitz or as I said bringin webb from the safety and dropping a one of them back or bringing both disguising the defense and the blitz for QBs that have not played.

The Ti Cats were an exciting team to watch- great receivers, a couple of really good backs and, a QB who is deserving of a possible " all star" achievement. They had a passable offensive line and, were the highest scoring team in the country. There will be a few all star offensive selections from this team. Unfortunately the defensive squad was lacking. Should their GM attend to proper scouting and, achieve success in this activity, the Ti Cats could be the team to watch next year.

Burris ran the best offense in the league. It's not his fault that his defense couldn't stop Toronto's backups, or anybody else all year long. Also the first time in CFL history that the #1 offense isn't in the playoffs.

When you score 40 points, you expect to win the game. Hamilton scored 40 and lost on multiple occasions this year. What's he supposed to do, throw 10 touchdowns every game?

A lot of people here are calling for Cortez to be fired. I wouldn't go that far, as he didn't have an OC and ran the offence himself and we had the best Offence in the CFL.

A lot of people here are calling for Creehan's blood. I wouldn't got that far, but his lack of blitzing, lack of interceptions, lack of QB penetration, inability to defend against the screen pass, lax run defence vs Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto and abject lack of defensive philosophy do say that he should be fired.

Sure 40 pts last night. How many picks did he throw that led to Argos points?
With 3 mins left in the game, down by 14, was he getting his offense in any sort of hurry up mode? Your season is on the line.... great he had the stats. But as I said earlier, where will he be next weekend?
I'll take a QB who may not have the best stats, but can lead the team to the playoffs and ultimatelt the cup (ex. Lulay, Calvillo) before I take Burris.

Did the INT's lead to the Argos putting points on the board?
Burris had a hand in that.