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It seems Rider fans in this thread (save a few) have very little concerns about winning the 101st Grey Cup. If you read some of their fans posts you'd think they were playing the Eskimos or Bombers this weekend.

I hope the Riders are as confident as their fans because this Ti-Cats team is a world different than the one they faced early in the season. We are 11-4 since our last game against the Riders WAY WAY WAY back on July 27th ... not to mention 6-1 in our last 7.

You'd think of all fan bases they might be a little weary of playing in the Cup considering their stellar 3-15 record in the big game. Oh well, I just thought it was funny how little credit the Cats are getting from their fans in that thread.

This game is going to be a nail-biter. I will be surprised if it is a blowout either way. Only thing that scares me is that 13th man, they are going to be LOUD. I think this game is going to be a roller coaster ride for both fan bases.

Excuse my clichés in this post but yeah the 13th man is going to be a big factor in this game. The Cats will really need to nullify the crowd noise in the first quarter by keeping the game close or taking the lead.

The Riders fans shouldn't be too cocky because this team is night and day different than in the first quarter of the regular season. I'm picking the Cats of course with Austin and Fantuz having huge grins on their faces afterward :smiley:

"Pride goeth before the fall"
Proverbs 16:18.

"We're going to waffle them." :wink: :cowboy:

I seriously doubt any of the players will be reading this. Let’s remember these are the FANS opinions of the opposition team and NOT to be taken AT ALL with any credibility.

They can SPECULATE all they wish. It has no basis in reality.


P.S…If you’ve ever heard Rod Pederson doing a Riders game broadcast, you would then know that there is no objectivity there.

Obviously :lol: Hence the "kind of" part of the title. Its more so FAN bulletin board material. This thread was made just as a little fun jab about how confident their fans seem to be. And I also included some reason about why they shouldn't be so confident.

Never did I think Dwight Anderson was reading that thread and going, "DAMN THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN LOSE, JUST LOOK AT THESE POSTS!".

My point was that whether we’re speaking of players or fans, there is little in the way of logic there. Good gravy, this is the same crowd that wears watermelons on their heads.

If they honestly think that Kent Austin is bringing the same team that they beat at the beginning of the season, then they live in the land of the delusional. Watch what this Tiger cat team did to Ricky Ray and the vaunted Argo offence and defense (more than once) and honestly believe that this game will be easy?

Sorry I kind of jumped all over you there old fan. We are both on the same page, I thought you were saying that I think Rider players will be reading that garbage. But yea, these fans are out to lunch if they don't realize just how different of a team we are since the last time we played.

Even if they did believe this? So what?

Let them underestimate our Cats. Pundits said that we were too inconsistent to get past Montreal. Then we got lucky and we couldn't hope to keep up with Ray and the Boatmen. Well, we're the ones in the Grey Cup now.

Bring 'em on. We're as ready as we can be.

Heck, not a problem, 2EZ4ThaCats. I too believe we are speaking of the same.

After the game last Sunday, I had the unfortunate opportunity of listening to the west final on TSN radio while making my way home. I say unfortunate because it was Pederson and his Rider PR crew who were calling it. I wanted to hear the game to find out who we would be facing in the cup, but it was all I could do to stay with it. The homerism from that group should be embarrassing to their station. They had difficulty identifying players and even getting some of the plays and penalty calls right.

That first game was back in July,our 4th game of the season when we had a ton on injuries,a total influx of new players,a new coaching staff trying to install new systems etc etc. Just to refresh everybodies memory here is a list of players on the current roster that either were on I.L,P.R or not even on the team yet when we played Sask in that 37-0 blow-out

Not Dressed/on roster...at Sask


Players no longer on team at Sask


So as you can clearly see,comparing that game's roster to what we have now,is like apples to oranges.The Riders can thank their lucky stars that they got to play us early in the schedule as opposed to later.You can basically throw out those two games into the trash bin,cause they don't mean squat when talking about the Cat team the Riders will face on Sunday.

Exactly, Crash.

We were underestimated then too by the "experts" and the Eskimos. Ask Dunigan who took home the bruises and who went home with the cup that day.

I didn't see too many uncomplimentary things about Hamilton in that thread. Most of the people posting in the thread favoured the Riders, but they said some good things of the Cats.

A team playing at home, with a better regular season and head to head matchup SHOULD be favoured, it's not a slight towards the Ticats at all in my opinion. It doesn't mean they'll win, just that they are favoured.

Cockiest team in the league, cockiest fans in the league.

If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Saskatchewan too. However, it's going to be a very close game, and for that reason I wouldn't bet on it. They probably have the more talented roster, but I like our coaching staff and moxie a lot better.


Since that loss to the Riders on July 27th

Hamilton: 11 wins, 4 losses.
Saskatchewan: 8 wins, 7 losses.

I would go further to say that the '86 Cats weren't merely underestimated, they were completely written off. People talked as though the game would be just a formality. Cats got zero respect. My favorite stat from that game is that at halftime, Edmonton had negative net yards of offence.

To paraphrase John Hufnagel when the Stamps played the Als at the 2008 Grey Cup in the Olympic Stadium:

"We are playing in the biggest game of the year. We are playing in their house. We will have thousands and thousands of their loud fans in our face. ... We have them right where we want them! " (Stamps went on to win)

The game will be in their backyard, with their fans and local media bringing their expectations. The national press will be favouring them. The pressure and focus will be on the Riders. That's a good thing.

Having a ballpark full of fans can be a two edged sword. When your doing well, it's great. When you're faultering, they can turn on you.

They will have more to deal with than Hamilton.

On the Rider Forum some of them want to tear down the huge Kent Austin banner on the side of the Stadium.
The late and legendary Ron Lancaster went back as a Ticats coach to Riderville,
I wonder if they booed him too!

Proves my point: Riders fans are Riders fans only : they are NOT CFL fans.