Bulldogs since 2003,going to the western confrence final

for some of you hockey fans that love the bulldogs,the bulldogs are one step closer to the calder cup final's,we eliminated the manitoba moose tonight in winipeg manitoba,we face the chicago wolves this firday and winner of this serries coming up will go to the calder cup finals.

go dogs go

Congrats to the dogs

So a very impressive comeback saw the Dogs win 3-2 in OT. Now they face Chicago Wolves (farm team of the Atlanta Thrashers).
The Dogs won the season series 3-1 (2-0 in Chicago, 1-1 at home).
The Dogs will get lucky with an odd playoff structure. Wolves host 2, then the Dogs get 3 followed by 2 back in Chicago. If the Dogs can take 1 or 2 in Chicago then it means that they have 3 games at home to take the Conference. Not that I'm complaining but this seems to to take away some of the advantage of the higher ranked team.

Is Bob Gainey looking like a genius for taking Price 5th overall in '05 or what ? The consensus pick was Gilbert Brule, but the habs have enough small forwards. So he steals this gem of a goaltender just in time for Jose Theodore's meltdown, and he wins the World juniors and is much closer to capturing a Calder cup, straight out of junior. Although AHL success is hardly an indicator of success at the NHL level, i'm excited.

sundays bulldogs home game was the lowest crowd ever for an ahl playoff game,according to the spec,they handed out flower's to the moms on mothers day,but i knew the crowd was going to be small since it was mothers day which thats reseasonable,they should have played game 5 on monday instead of mothers day at home.

yawn....1703 people! No one cares about the bulldogs!

Congrats for sure to the Dogs. They deserve a much more appreciative home than Hamilton. I'd like to support you Dogs since I do like hockey but if I'm going to sit in an enclosed arena in the springtime, I have to do it for the right reason and the Calder Cup isn't it. For the Stanley or Memorial Cups, I'd like to think I would but maybe not. That's why a domed stadium is not for me, I love sitting outside in the nice weather and a football game fits the bill nicely and I've only got so much money to spend on sports entertainment.
I do feel bad for the Dogs though and wish the true hockey fans in this town would support them.

From my perspective, I just care about my Mom more.

I can't disagree with that. :wink:

In that I think you've hit on the primary reason for the otherwise inexplicable love affair some folks in these parts have for the Leafs. The Leafs never force their fans to spend any time inside watching hockey once May hits. :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about how awful it must be for Sens fans, missing the first month of an already too short patio season in this ridiculous quest to win the Cup.

Congrats, Bulldogs. I admit, I won't be helping the attendance figures any this series because I'm out of country for two weeks, but if you make it through this round, you can count me in.

I wish I liked hockey more, but I don't unfortunately, especially when you know the place will feel like a tomb with so few fans, you really need to have a love affair for the game to go I think. It's weird, I remember growing up going to so many London Knights games and it was great and a thrill. But the thrill of hockey isn't there for me, at least since I've moved to Hamilton, and I'm not sure if I could get it back.

Infront of a crowd of less than 4,100 the Dogs too the 1st game on the Western Final. Chipchura had an amazing game with 2 goals and 2 assists, and Dan Jancevski picked up the 2OT goal a little over 6 minutes in.
If they win Sunday then they only need to win 2 of the next 3 games (all here) to make it into the Championship.

good post carpman,yeah it was a great game last night ,hopefully we win sunday afternoon and take a 2-0 serries lead back to copps for games 3 and 4,game 3 is wednesday hopefully the addtendance will be a good one,weekdays are very small crowds,go dogs go :rockin: :rockin:

Actually, Pottingerfan, we are on the good end of a very odd playoff schedule, so games 3, 4 and 5 are all here. So If we in Sunday then we have 3 home games in a row to take the series, and if we loose sunday then we still have 3 home playoff games in a row to again win the series before possibly heading back to Chicago for 6 and 7.

dogs win again this aft. 3-2 in O.T...

You know the funny thing is that if Hershy makes to the final this year and the bulldogs make it to the final the Hamilton bulldogs will beat hershy this time!In thier first year ever they went to the calder cup and and lost to hershy.The league is weak this year and there is a good chance of anything!But again you never know eh!

what a great win this afternoon,if we win wednesday we could go up 3-0 and finish the wolves off on firday,hope to see some of you ticat and bulldog fans on wednesday at the dog pound and firday,go dogs go :rockin: :rockin:

I'll probably head down on the Friday. Hopefully attendance is up from the earlier rounds.

As much of a blast I am having now living out west, I REALLY wish I was around to catch the Dogs playoff games.
I will just have to be there in spirit.

from the way i see it,they just need to win tomowow,and being up 3-0 in the serries can see them have alot of confidence coming into firdays game and we can hopefully win and secure our spot in the calder cup final since 2003,wednesday game is at 7:30pm