Bulldogs Jersey Contest

Hey guys

The Hamilton Bulldogs are having a jersey contest, requesting fans to offer submissions on jersey's. This strikes me as a time to start submitting black and gold concepts taking to social media to like a voice for the Black and Gold we all hold dear in this city.

Tweet to @bulldogsohl with the hashtag #dogsinspired with your concepts, or take a look at various concepts on the page. I submitted my concept on twitter and would appreciate any support possible.

Can't they have their own identity?
maybe submit to have them be called Tiger-Cats too.. ?

They can, but part of that identity is Hamilton and Hamilton bleeds Black and Gold. I don't think sticking with the colors of the Habs is helping the Dogs out, nor would anyone want to see them become blue and white, or god forbid double blue.

It blew my mind the first time I heard it, then I heard it over, and over, and over again. So many Leafs fans refused to support the Bulldogs during their time in the AHL because who the hell thought it was a good idea to put the Habs farm team directly in Leafs territory. I guess it made sense from a fans point of view but it always ticked me off that people wouldn't support their local team because they were fans of the big team down the highway.

I think it also hurt the team in the long run because a lot of fans got turned off the team, and even though now they're an OHL team, they're still seen as a very far afterthought behind the Ti-Cats in the city.

I think they'd be fools to go with any colours other than black and yellow. For once we have a chance to make the Bulldogs our team, instead of someone elses team they have loaned to us with their colours and players.

To think they'd be fools is undeservedly a tad bit disrespectful. Sometimes colour choice, in the end, incorporates the owners personal preference. Strangely you want the team supported by the community but you underline the owner as a fool if your opinion is disregarded. I say , shame shame. Personally I prefer this red and gold with a dash of black trim throughout.


Looks like the three finalists have been released. We got a Flint/Oilers clone. A bizzare Grey bulldog blue red and Grey entry and a black and gold one.

So Ti-cat fans, if you want the colors black and gold, only one way to change the colors and that is comming out to a game and voting black and gold.