Bulldogs get NBA Development team..

Hamilton to get expansion basketball team
Nov, 07 2007 - 12:00 PM


A news conference is being held at Copps Coliseum today
[Thursday] to announce a second major tenant for the arena.

Word is Hamilton will be granted an expansion team
in the National Development Basketball League.

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It's a feeder league for NBA teams.

The team will reportedly be run
by HECFI and the Hamilton Bulldogs.

1st and 2nd year players on NBA rosters
go down to the NDBL for more playing time
to get in shape or for more for seasoning.

I wonder who the Raptors will be affiliated with?

We got Rafer Alston and Luke Jackson
out of the NDBL and rookie Jamario Moon.


Sorry Steely, I though this team
deserved it'd own thread.

You'd have to think the NFL would like this sort of thing in North America. Maybe that's what that new spring league is all about that is starting next year or the year after?

OHHHHHHHHH NO!!!!!!!!!!!Another team nobody will attend!The bulldogs can tell you all about that!I bet Ronny boy will be on this and will have to get rid of his team in a year or two!You heard here first!I will not go if its a Ronny project!

Another thing I am really starting to feel bad for hecfi!

If you are talking about Ron Foxcroft,
he said on CHML today, the team contacted him

and he told them to give him a call
if they're still around in 2nd year.

He thought the league it was in was called
the American Basketball Association,

a hodge podge of 45 teams that change cities
more often than Ron change his underwear

which is said to be adding 25 new teams
with $120,000 salary caps and 12 man rosters.


Ron should take this course...D-League 101
N.B.A Development League

These guys aren't making $10,000 a year,

Some of the players may actually be on NBA rosters.

Many of them are making many $100s of 1000s.

That's what I like about the league.

NBA teams can assign up to two players who are rookies
or in their second season to their D-League affiliate.

Players can stay with the D-League team
for as long as their team wants them to,

and they can recalled them
back to the NBA at any time.

from the Spec:

November 08, 2007

The Hamilton Spectator

Professional basketball is coming back to Hamilton.
Fifteen years after the SkyHawks became extinct, an American Basketball Association team will be setting up shop at Copps Coliseum, the franchise’s new owner confirmed yesterday.
“I’m smiling,? said Richmond Hill businessman Brian Luckman. “I can’t contain myself. I’m so excited to be here.?
Beginning next fall, the team that doesn’t yet have a name will be playing in the massive ABA that already has 45 teams stretching from Montreal to Mexico with another 20 or 25 expansion teams starting up next season.
Building the team’s roster will be former New York Knick and Toronto Raptor Chris Childs.

This makes me think of an old Man Show episode...I'll adapt the sound bites:

"If (Copps) was filled with Old Milwaukee and strippers were drowning in it, you still would get me inside that (arena)"

"I would rather pack my rectum with M-80's and squat over a flaming Hibachi than watch this flaming turd of a (uhh, sport)"

"I would rather have a circle- j.....uhh, this one might be too graphic. You guys will remember it tho!

Yea, it's not the D-League. It's the ABA. D-League would have been so much better but oh well.

if i'm not mistaken the ABA had a team fold in St. Catharines last year or the year before after only a few games. Teams in this league would show up to games with 6 players, or randomly not show up for games at all. Can't see it lasting long at all, bring back the Skyhawks!

so did we get an ABA team for sure? or could it still be a NDBL team

LMAO,I was one of those suckers who had skyhawks season tickets and they had the same problems but mostly the vissiting team was the one short handed and grumpy all the time!I have my programs still and my tickets to show you!

CHML now correctly has reported that the team
is in the American Basketball Association.

Rick Zamperin does an audio interview
with their G.M ex-Raptor Chris Childs.

Pro Hoops Returns to Hamilton.

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I was less excited as soon as I found out
the team wasn't in the NBA Development League

am now the furthest thing from excited,
after listening to G.M Chris Childs.

Some spokesman.

They had a lot Teams Fold in this league
It Barley a Pro league

My interest escalated when it was (mistakenly) reported that it was a D-league team. I've seen D-league ball live, and it's really good calibre. The ABA I haven't seen, and all the press is bad.

I'll probably check out some ABA games, if only to see Chris Childs punch a ref or something, but if all the ABA bad press is true, McMaster basketball may remain the most consistantly entertaining basketball in town.

The first game will be an event with maybe even a sellout! Flags will be given out that you were there and a month later you wont be able to give away tickets just the Bulldogs!

Well it looks like this time it's serious for a D-League in Hamilton, I really hope it happens.

Hey, it ain't the NBA ...
But Raptors placing a D-League farm team in Copps will draw drafted players

January 16, 2008
Scott Radley
The Hamilton Spectator

]Talks are under way that could bring a new Toronto Raptors' farm team to Hamilton.

However, there's differing opinions on how close any such deal is to being consummated.

Two sources familiar with the situation made clear yesterday that Copps Coliseum is one of two locations being considered -- Oshawa is the other -- for a franchise that would begin play either this fall or next in the NBA's Developmental League.

Outside of the NBA itself, the D-League is considered the highest-level basketball in North America. Dozens of players have moved through the system and jumped to the NBA, including the Raptors' Jamario Moon, former Raptor and current Houston Rocket Rafer Alston, and Sacramento's Mikki Moore.

One source says Hamilton is the clear front-runner for a team and put the chances of one landing here at 81/2 out of 10. Barring unforeseen glitches, the source said things could be finalized very quickly.

"I would say within weeks."

A second source insists Hamilton is in the mix, but says things aren't quite that far along and putting any deal together would almost certainly take longer than that, if it happened at all.

However, in a Toronto Star report yesterday, Raptors' president Bryan Colangelo said he's been considering for some time the possibility of starting a team in southern Ontario as a way to have better control over the development of some of his non-roster players.

"We're exploring possible involvement similar to what you see in Los Angeles and San Antonio," Colangelo told The Star.

Those two cities have their own D-League teams -- unlike most NBA teams which share with one or two others -- nearby in Los Angeles and Austin. That allows a team to have its hand-selected coaches implement its philosophy and its systems, so players who are called up are already familiar with how things run and are ready to step in and play immediately.

The Raptors share a franchise in Colorado with the Denver Nuggets and New Jersey Nets.

This entire situation muddies the water significantly for the arrival of a previously announced American Basketball Association team that vowed to set up shop at Copps but has yet to sign a lease.

Brian Luckman, the owner of that team -- nicknamed the Hamilton Rockstars -- couldn't be reached for comment last night. However, the CEO of Hamilton Entertainment and Convention Facilities Inc. that operates Copps says negotiations with Luckman have at least temporarily stopped, meaning that while the Raptors have not yet stepped forward to express interest, the door is open to them if they want to talk.

"Negotiations with the ABA are on hold at the moment," Duncan Gillespie says.

"Nothing precludes HECFI from negotiating with any party at this point."

Gillespie stressed that he's exceedingly interested in finding a second pro sports franchise for the arena.

Truth is, given a choice between the D-League and the ABA, most would argue the former is a far superior situation for this city.

While the ABA has had its share of difficulties, plays in smaller arenas, is scheduled to usher in as many as 49 expansion franchises next season, and is seen as the most minor of minor leagues, the D-League comes with the weight and significant resources of the National Basketball Association brand.

Stocked with drafted players in their first or second year of pro hoops and top undrafted players, the level of play is high and those involved are hungry to make the jump to the next level.

Further, with the Raptors clearly interested in further developing their fan base throughout southern Ontario, a team here would be properly financed and carefully run.

"It would work," says local businessman and basketball legend Ron Foxcroft. "They'd probably get 4,000-5,000 people. Hamilton is no doubt a (basketball) hotbed and most important, it's affordable."

Throughout the league, tickets range in price from a high of $148 for a courtside seat in Anaheim, to $5 for a seat in Bakersfield, Calif. Most tickets come in between $8 and $25.

Foxcroft believes the connection with basketball's best league alone would be beneficial to the city's image.

"Having that NBA brand associated with Hamilton and Copps Coliseum would be nothing but a plus."

DLeague would have been really entertaining.

Oh well.

Did I miss a hidden post.

The original "thought it was Dleague but turns out to be the ABA" post was restarted yesterday as a "now it turns out to be DLeague after all" post (different ownership, but this one is much more credible).

Crash's post kind of makes it sound like it was the other way around. Is there something else that's come out that challenges the latest story about the DLeague team?

So yes, we were supposed to be getting an ABA team but those talks are on hold and theres a chance we could be getting DLeague team based on the column by Scott Radley.

Hamilton Home of Minor leagues
Dleague and AHL… and Some would Say the CFL.

I Think CFL is Major leagues my Self