Bulldogs future?

If we do end up with an NHL team, what will happen to the Bulldogs?

Will they move up to the Mountain Arena?

Will the Canadians move them?

It will be a sad day for the 3,000 people who actually go to their games. It's sad that we don't want to pay $25 to go to the Bulldogs but are willing to pay $100 a seat for a team that won't make the playoffs for a few year but because it says NHL on their jerseys.

I am sure the Bulldogs management is not too happy but this is their opportunity to move to a smaller venue.

I think Bulldogs are quite safe ...Tiger_Dirt As long as Gary Bettman is NHL Commish.
Hamilton will never see a NHL Team Count on it

maybe the same thing can happen when the jets moved to pheonix , the phoenix roadrunners moved to toronto, the bulldogs could move to pheonix, plus the bullogs have a clause in their lease to allow a nhl team here and might have to move

Are you serious? While, I'm not a hockey fan, you can't actually compare the Bulldogs to having an NHL team, can you? By that same logic, just go to a pee wee hockey game. They're free. It doesn't have to say OHL or NHL on their jerseys.

Too bad for those 3000 people. What about the 17000 who might like to attend an NHL game? So, they miss the playoffs for a year...Big deal. Two or three years down the road it won't be so sad.

I don't believe Hamilton will ever get an NHL team anyway. It has been a pipe dream for nearly 20 years.

If Hamilton does get a team Toronto will be upset because then they will want a team too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The Ahl always finds places for teams dont worry about that! Hey AHL there will be a man available for hire after the all of north america finally gives up on that iggnorant Gary Bettman and he will be forced to take an asst job to the AHL President! :wink:

?The nhl is ahl quality in many ways. Now, many of the 4th and even 3rd line nhl players
are frequent flyers between their nhl club and its ahl affiliate. From the original 6 team league,
it’s been watered down to 30 teams. Sure, we now have European players included in drafts to
supplement 4 line teams, but like I said, it’s still mostly a watered down version of the 3 line
teams that really entertained core fans not so long ago. The top ahl teams last year could
probably give the bottom feeders in the nhl, like Islanders, Thrashers, and Leafs a good run most
nights. I hope the masochist fans that pay to see nhl games aren’t the ones complaining about
the yearly million plus $ annual salaries of the likes of Luke Schenn or the lack of star players on their teams (maple leafs). Paying that kind of money to see a current nhl game? What a ripoff.

Both the nhl and the ahl cant admit that Canada is more passionate for Hockey! Both leaques are made off allot of Canadian players. Thats something any team in the ahl or nhl cant hide!

Ahhh that one never gets old…lol.

If we get a team (BIG IF) the Bulldogs will leave the city. The owner says he’ll look at moving them to the East coast or Florida. I’d rather keep the Bulldogs they stepped in when we were pretty much going to be left in the lurch. Besides we’re never getting an NHL team anyway.

Really??? I beg to differ. Heard it again on Y108 this morning by some caller....made me cringe.

I don't see anywhere, where I compared the too. I just asked what would happen to them. People do pay 100s of dollars because it says NHL on the jerseys.