Bulldogs are in the playoffs

well if your a bulldogs fan when the ticats aren't playing :wink: i've got some news for you the bulldogs have clinched a playoff spot tonight after a big win over buffalo sabres farm team by a final score of 7-4,.

Obviously some people do care about the Bulldogs! Go Dogs Go!!! Bring home the Calder Cup!

As a Habs fan, I have a vested interest in the Bulldogs as they give me a look into the future. if they were the farm team for say, Anaheim, I couldn't care less.

Go Bulldogs!

The hamilton bulldogs lost to the Toronto Marlies today and I cheered for toronto!what does that tell you!

just like 70%of the crowd did as well!

It tells me there's a lot of Leaf fans in Hamilton, which I already knew before your post lol.

what does this post have to do with football?

get your own losing sports team to support!

100% agree with you ,the bulldog fans should keep their comments on the bulldogs site!

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You must be a big fan of the dogs too. Keep up the good spirit.

Go Cats/Dogs Go! I know your with me, Box J, when I I wish both teams all the best in 2007.

You’re right, this isn’t a Bulldogs site. But I don’t seem to see anyone having a problem when people bash the Dogs in threads. So why have a problem when people congratulate them.
Manitoba looks like they have 1st locked up. I don’t think Syracuse will be able to catch the Griffins. Hopefully the Dogs will be able to hold off the Americs to take 2nd. With 7 games remaining, the Dogs are leading the series against Rochester 5-3 with 2 games left in the series.
Good luck. Wish I could still be around to catch games this season.

Go Dogs Go!! Bring home the Memorial Cup!! Opps I forgot, they play for some trophy called the Calder Cup. Next.

10 years I supported a very boring ,overated team named the Hamilton bulldogs. here seems to be a very big PR thing happenig here with the hamilton bulldog bouster club trying to get you chear for a very boring, over rated team!trust me exsperence and two calder cups under my wing they are far from winning a championship this year!Trust me!

8) You are so right, and what a disgrace that is !!! Whenever the visiting team sporting a Maple Leaf on their jerseys comes into Hamilton to play the hometown Bulldogs, the majority of fans in attendance boo their home team and cheer for Toronto !! Must make the Bulldogs feel real good !!! Yet these same fans of course will say they hate the Argos with a passion !! What a joke !!! If I were the Bulldogs, I would pull out of this city as soon as possible and move somewhere where their home fans will appreciate them and at least cheer for them no matter who they are playing !!!

Only the loser Leaf fans cheer against the Bulldogs what a joke they are.

what do you expect from ignorant, narrow minded,Leaf fans..they don't have a clue...MOST OF YOU LIVE IN HAMILTON..CHEER FOR YOUR HOME TEAM !!!"THE BULLDOGS"..Incase you can't figure it out!
are you guys still waiting for the parade to start??? :lol:

Hamilton is, as far as pro hockey goes, basically Leaf area, unfortunately. Why anyone would want to bring another teams farm team here is a mystery to me, it doesn't take a genius to figure out more people will cheer the Marlies here than the Bulldogs.

The sooner the AHL leaves this town and we get an OHL arena and team, the better.

I remember going to games back when they were the Baby Leafs and out of St. John’s. The crowds at the “The Dogpound” were amazing and there was no problem having fans around to cheer the home team. Now move them to TO and look what happens.
It’s a real shame the leafs had to be so arrogant that they robbed that city of a farmteam that hey had no trouble supporting.

I agree with you there!Its called the American Hockey Legue not the Canadian Hockey league! Some teams dont stay in some towns for long and keep moving around and around! Look at edmontons teams in the ahl or even the torontos teams! The OHL have teams that you can watch players grow and become stars and with the AHL the big teams would grab them before they make it big!Thats just reality and facts people!

yes lets bring a ohl team back to hamilton since they fared so well 2 times b4 that good call. in case you havent realized you see a lot of players develop here b4 they go on to the nhl there is always a number of first rounders down in the ahl and guys who develop down here into big time nhlers do guys like maybe martin st louis ring a bell i remember seein zendo chara with islanders farm system guys dont develop in the ohl they get noticed and develop in the ahl thats reality.