Bulldogs and other Teams leaving Hamilton

From what I hear the arena is going to be smaller
So I don't think they're trying for an NHL team

So Hamilton's out as an NHL city.

That's too bad. They would have been an excellent addition to the NHL.

Yet somehow Miami, Phoenix and to a certain extent Carolina still have NHL teams.

The Leafs must be happy sharing their revenue with these towns.

New american markets has always been the business plan of the NHL. Cdn cities are only useful to relocate flop expansion teams to avoid the humiliation of folding.


In my research for an unrelated project, I came across the Copps Coliseum project book. Various locations were considered before it was ultimately built downtown.

These include where Eastgate Square is now located, south of IWS as you suggested, and south of limeridge mall, on the other side of the linc at what is now McQuesten Park.

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The arena capacity is being maintained. There is no reduction. When the NHL comes to their senses, we'll be able to accommodate them.

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Great info. Thanks

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Always happy to share when I come across interesting things like this!

Unfortunately the NHL won't come to their senses because they don't have any to begin with.

I could get James Cameron and George Lucas on a conference call before getting a response from Esther Pauls.

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Maria Pearson always responded to developers . :upside_down_face:

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I'm in Esther's region. I've only had to contact her once since she took office but received a response within 48 hours of my inquiry. She did recognize my last name as someone who played hockey and went to school with her sons, but I don't think that initiated the response.