What the fk!?!? I just read on tsn.ca that I have to watch The Battle of Alberta IN SILENCE ON CBC!? WHAT KIND OF BULL IS THAT!? Why can't TSN take Edmonton/Calgary to? That's STUPID! End your stupid bullsh lockout already, and f**kin go back to work because this is crap! The Game of the week in.. silence..

.. DUMB!!!!

Is there anyway I can e-mail CBC or something?

yea, you can email: theydontcare@cbc.ca

Well I hate to break this to you guys but I am in favor of the lockout. For years people have been saying that the CBC is a waste of Canadian taxpayer's money and the should do something about it, save money, yada yada yada.

Well they are doing something about it now and the union is against it and wont sigh a new contract leaving the CBC no choice but to lock them out.

We cant have it both ways folks, the CBC needs to shape up and if we have to go with out broadcasters for a while ------ so be it.

i've never said the CBC is a waste of money...i love hockey nite in canada, and CFL on CBC ( until the lock-out ).

But until they end the lockout, I fear that myself and many americans who get their TV from DIRECTV won't be seeing any CBC games because the networks down here seem to think "World series of Poker" is more important then a voiceless CFL game.

I can understand how you feel
Try emailing the ctations that broadcast the games and tell them you dont care about the lack of broadcasters

They can't show those games on other networks.............and it is because of the lock out.

I am also for the stike, the CBC is not to blame for this.....and the CBC would have been able to pay those people if some people hadn't lobbied to cut the CBC'S budget.............................

We may see NHL hockey games that way as well.

The Union wants some to gain some ground on CBC contracting there work out, and they want to limit the number of short term contracts offered by the CBC and change them back to full time Union positions. This dispute has the makings to last longer than first anticapated.

It's pretty frustrating. I'm gonna have to listen to stinkin Bryan Hall on the radio while I watch. I'll see. I might just prefer the silence, LOL.


Im going to help you out TMac because im in a good mood today. Watch
the tv and listen to the game on your local radio station that broadcasts
Esks games. No more silence and you get a bias commentary to boot.

Youre welcome!

Enough is enough already, do you think the CBC would let this happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs....what a crock.

Thanks man, but I live in Manitoba. And my computer is away from the TV.

Here’s the trick: put your computer near your TV set and select a radio webcast of the game. This way, you’ll get the play-by-play and colour commentating as well as the images.

And, Supertoe, if you don’t like your local radio commentator, feel free to take the Calgary radio feed.

At least you get to see your team play on TV. Who knows, maybe next year all the Renegades away games will be broadcast too.

I really don't see what the big deal is.
There are no commentators when you are at the game.

exactly ... I watched Sask / BC the other night ... and you know what ... I kind of like not hearing Chris Walby's brilliant insights into what a wide reciever is thinking on each and every play ...

Fack CBC ... as long as they are back by October on Saturday Nights ... I could really care less. You'd think that Canada by now would be so sick and tired of the union cough cough cough caveman bulls!t cough ways .. they'd be gone by now ... First the NHL and now CBC ... Someone out there doesn't want me to watch hockey on saturdays ... and he's a goddamn union member ... wtf?!!


Add my name to the list of those who enjoyed the broadcast. I thought the PA guy at Taylor field did a great job. No different than being live at the game. Only critism of CBC was that they could have posted rushing yards or receiving yards instead of height and weight.

You do realise that it is not a strike

your going to listen to Bryan Hall comment on the game? Ha that guy was so annoying when I lived in Edmonton...but I do miss his afternoon show now, he's the ultimate Shillmeister! Cant get a better deal than a crosstown deal! Tony roma's ribs...I'll tell you folks the meat is sooo tender it just FALLS off the bone! haha I guess he did his job right cause I still remember those pitches! His commentating can be awful though...here's a typical example...
"Ok, folks, Esks have the ball at the 55 yard line, the QB drops back...oh, by the way...I was talking to my good friend Glen Say-therr last night, and you know what he said to me, he said....OOh and the ball is intercepted by the opposing DB!!" He would completely miss plays talking about this and that, and get distracted, is he any better now? I thought it was funny how his fellow broadcasters in E-Town all moved on to bigger and better things like Derren Dutchysyn and Perry Solkowski, but old Bryan Hall never got any such offers...oh well, CHED need him!

I lol. I usually just say that but I don't actually do that. But seriously, I lol. Good thing it wasn't extremeley loud becuase i'm at work.

I don't mind the silent games. One question tho - do they televise those silent games in the US?