Bulcke gone for the season

Ticats just tweeted Brian is gone for the season with torn biceps ----surgery to-morrow . Big loss for sure !

You are right, A huge loss!
Time for Gaydosh to step up

Gaydosh and Hickman signings just got a lot bigger.

Didn't they just...

I swore so loudly when I read the tweet that someone thought that I'd injured myself.

Are you day-to-day, or out for the season? :smiley:


I think that I'll be a game-time decision for Saturday night. Let me tailgate a bit. I'll be ready to go in, coach! :wink:

I wonder if Michael Atkinson will be activated, in a backup role? Bulcke will be missed. Hopefully he recovers and is on the sidelines helping the young guys trying to fill his shoes. Nobody said football was fair but enough with the injuries, already! :roll:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

TSN reports he is gone for the season. Tough break for the team and for Bulcke.


Don't forget that we still have Hazime on the 6 gm as well. Does anybody know exactly what his injury is and how severe it is?
I would prefer to have Hazime in there in the rotation,nothing against Atkinson but in reality the guy has been here 2 years and has never seen the field,spending his entire career on the IL. Hazime has game experience and would be a better fit IMO.

Dang nabbit!

Get well Soon Brian, thanks for your efforts for the BLACKGOLDS this season! :thup:

Seriously man why does it seem like we are the only team that get killed with injuries :x It would be nice to field the same team 2 weeks in a row for a change :thdn:

Doesn't seem that way to me. . . almost every team is having serious injury problems this year. BC, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Montreal and Winnipeg have their starting QBs out (no great loss in Montreal, I grant you that, Smith was terrible), the blue team lost all of their starting receiving corps, seems to me that Ottawa is about the only team with fewer injuries, but it doesn't really matter since they aren't all that good anyway.

Sad news , speedy recovery Brian get well soon

That sucks big time. I enjoy his style of play and I wish him a speedy recovery.

bulke is a great player,but I'mlooking forward to seeing Gaydosh and possibly Atkinson fill in.

I also think it would be insane not to start Hickman against the Eskimos. I know he doesn't know the playbook, but can't one of the other D-Linemen who do just guide him in relation to what is expected every down by letting him know right before the ball is snapped? (ex. stunt left, straight rush, cover the RB coming out of the backfield, etc).

Great player, good team motivator now sidelined for the remainder of the year.

Get well Brian and let's get you back healthy again next year but you can still motivate the players on the sidelines and give your expertise to the younger guys as I'm sure you will.


Ted Laurent also injured:


Drew Edwards?Verified account
?@scratchingpost #Ticats coach Kent Austin says DT Ted Laurent likely to be game time decision vs #Eskimos. Big loss if the big man can't go. #CFL

A little light on the D-line depth if Laurent can't go. Hopefully Hazime or Atkinson are available.