Bulcke Fined for hit on Reilly

From TSN


[b]Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive lineman Brian Bulcke and Winnipeg Blue Bomber offensive lineman Justin Sorensen were fined by the CFL for incidents from Week 6.

Bulcke was fined for an illegal and dangerous hit to the head of Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Mike Reilly during last Friday night's game.

Sorensen was fined for an illegal block on B.C. Lions defensive lineman Jabar Westerman during Monday night's game. Sorensen was penalized for unnecessary roughness on the play. [/b]

No surprise. It may not have been an intentional attempt to injure - I really hope not, and given the lack of suspension, the league didn't think so - but it had that potential. I was quite surprised when Reilly bounced right up after the hit. With any luck at all, Bulcke has learned his lesson to keep his head up when tackling.

BS fine. It's a contact sport. Let 'em play or take the pads off and play touch ball. This "protect the QB at all costs" crap is ruining the game. Some of the roughing the passer calls these past few seasons have been brutal. The joke around our group watching the past few games has been the call we expect in the next few years... "Looking with a nasty face at the passer, Hamilton 45, 15 yards from the end of the play, first down." (Of course after a few brown pops it degraded to "farting near/at the passer"... but we're immature.)

There is already a rule against leading with the helmet. It's called spearing. Use it.

And what was with that "high tackle" crap from the last Riders game? Only against Hamilton I'm sure.

I don't have any issue with the fine nor do I think the team and/or Brian would either. It was helmet to helmet. Much like the hit to Lamar a week earlier, it was dangerous & reckless but lacked intent ... thus a fine ... and not a suspension. Winnipeg's Sorensen's cut block behind the play on a BC Dlineman ... that's a different story. That had intent all over it.

Max fine is half a game check. Let's say #95 for Hamilton makes $100K give or take. That means his game cheque is $5,555. Half of that is $2,777. I wouldn't even imagine that Bulcke even got that. I say $1K ... maybe a yard & a half at most.

The rider who hit Lamar seemed to have a bit of ill intent behind it. There were already a few guys on him and then the guy just comes in from the side and hits him head first. I think he should have gotten worse than a fine.

Bulcke's hit seemed to have no ill intent. The head hit seemed to come more from how fast he arrived.

The two hits in question are almost carbon copies of each other. Yes, Lamar was stopped ... So was Reilly. There were other players draped on Lamar ... Same for Reilly. The hit came from the side with Steinhauer launching the crown of his helmet to the ear-hole of Lamar. Exact same thing with Bulcke on Reilly.

I realize we as Ticat fans have a certain amount of Allegiance Bias ... But when you look at the two hits and step outside the localized myopia of being a TiCat fan I'm sure you will see that the two hits are almost exactly the same.

The hit in question was not the one where his helmet came off I thought. I remember a helmet to helmet hit by Bulcke that was pretty much one on one with the Esk QB.

Also, Lamar is concussed, not Reilly.

Your not allowed to lead with the head. Its pretty clear cut. Its not about intentions.

Speaking of helmets coming off,
For the previous 3 seasons, helmets seemed to be coming off on impact almost every other play.
It seems that this season the helmets are staying on.
I would suspect an improvement in equipment.

No suprise on this one, the first one where the helmet came off wasn't so bad, but the second one certainly deserved a fine. This is one thing I like about CFL discipline. Even if the ref doesn't call it, the league will step in after the fact and doll out appropriate discipline, something that is overwhelmmingly absent from the NHL.

Really? So you are a member of the Eskimos medical staff now?

No, but I do know that I am a member of the Ticat fan base, and I know which forum I belong on. You don't seem to.

everyone on cfl.ca belongs on every forum. that is why they are there.

:lol: :lol: He Belongs :cowboy:

I suspect it’s more about player behavior. They made rule changes regarding participation in the play (or termination of the play in the case of the ball carrier) if your helmet comes off. Then it magically started happening less. In the name of comfort, players hadn’t been buckling down tight enough, so the league had to force them to.

Here is a still of the hit Bulcke was fined for. It is not the one where the QB's helmet came off.


Thanks @Bane. Much appreciated in finding the still image. I searched a bunch for the play on the internet since I deleted the game from my PVR. (SharkWeek will make me do that to free up space ... but that's the only reason!)

I think it's pretty clear he was leading with his head. I know the league looks at these things with two specific criterion ... Was there intent to injure? Or was this a "football" play that the player was careless and reckless in a dangerous manner.

Intent =Suspension
Careless/Reckless/Dangerous = Fine
2nd offense of Careless/Reckless/Dangerous = Suspension

And from what I've seen, the outcome has no consequence. So just because one player is concussed and another gets up & scrimmages the next play ... no difference.

Once again this is ABSOLUTE B.S. by Tom Higgins and his so called people they call officials in the CFL, They give a fine to Bulcke but No fine to the Rider who took off Lamars head and injured him, It's absolute crap and I would like Tom Higgins head on the chopping block, the guys an idiot!!!

"Leading with the head"????? Ummm in order to tackle with the shoulder the head has to be out front. It's a fact of anatomy that cannot be changed. To me, Bulcke was making a form tackle. He was attempting to hit with his shoulder and, as every kid is coached from pee wee ball on, put his head in front of the runner. As he was making this play other players were also attempting to tackle the runner and he just fell into Bulcke's hit and the helmets came together. How can he be fined for that? It's a play that happens hundreds of times a season to running backs, receivers, returners.

If this is an issue that is specific to QBs then there needs to be a commensurate change in the rules with regard to a QB running the ball. Either he's a runner and can be hit, or he cannot advance the ball because of his special status as "unhittable." I think one can see how absurd that would be. Again, I have to say the special rules for QBs are ruining the game.

They DID fine the Rider who ear-holed Lamar. It's been mentioned in this thread.

You might want to check facts and such before you get so upset.