Building the stadium, one brick at a time

…had a look at those sketches and digitals renderings, yup, you could easily spent 27 mil on those kind of additions (I’m assuming of course that the South seats are only 20-30 rows high and that big section on top is new?)…

…had my proposal been accepted, I could have saved the Als millions…my budget was $5.5 mil to supply 5,000 of these:

…no union labour either, just hand them out at the gates…

Geeze 1100 bucks each kinda steep don't ya think?

The upper sections is the new part but I don't know how many rows in the old section underneath

How do I buy one I will put Go Stamps Go ?

thanks for the picture Saskargo the Rider share dispenser

It entitles you to prime seating!

Date with a Viper hmm they may think they will be driving the car!

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If this is the case, I say everyone chip in and buy dentor a date with her. I think they would both love it :smiley:

Wow,, the pictures look super! The money is definitely for more than just the 5,000 seats. If the Als get the money to do this, this would be super. And they can't count on the Big O in case it doesn't, I've heard that that stadium isn't the safest place in the world and could be torn down at some point.

Good luck Als, hope you get the funds to make these renos a happening thing.

The Big O is as safe as any other stadium, the problem is thatis a dump and a lowsey place to watch a football game

Here is the article from the Als stie about the bricks

[url=] ... LID=202861[/url]

The Canadian War Memorial at Juno Beach did(still is I guess) the same thing.
$250.00 will buy a brick in their memorial wall. For an extra $25 they will send a wooden replica to the donner. I like that idea because how many Canadians will actually get to see it.

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One thing for sure is that $250 is a lot of money to ask for but I'm sure that they would take anything, it just might get you a brick. I bought a brick for $100 for the new TD Waterhouse football/track stadium at the University of Western Ontario a few years back. $100 seems more reasonable but then Montreal is much larger than London, ON and has a lot more money for sure.

And yes, the Big O isn't the best place to watch a football game, I've been there a few times. One day I will get to Molson Stadium, it looks on tv like a super place to go to a game for.

I'd have to see a pic first. You can't get by on just your fiesty personailty for a $250 date.

i would buy a brick for $250 if i lived in, or near montreal....its there forever!

$1,100.00 each yes, but here's the per chair breakdown for this very affordable and cost conscious option:

Chair: $9.99 @ Canadian Tire
GST: $0.70
PST: None, I'll buy them here in Alberta
Shipping: $1.10 (based on 640 units per trailer)
Handling: $1.50
Government bribes: $1.25 (Municipal), $1.15 (Provincial), $1.75 (Federal)
Security: $2.50
Scab Labour: $0.05
Overhead and Profit: $1,080.01

....My proposal also affords the Als fan the ability to choose their own location to spectate the game.......No longer are you confined to the same viewpoint at every game, you are free and clear to vary your location......The chairs are lightweight and therefore easy to pick up and move, if say, someone needs to use the aisle or a receiver is heading full-tilt out the back of the endzone......MIllions, ro1313, I'm offering to save the Als millions of dollars here that could be spent better.....maybe on a backup QB.........

The New England Patriots put name plates on the seats of season ticket holders for an extra hundred dollars. I think people are more likely to do that than bricks. I like Molson Stadium, one of the best football venues out there. Have easily watched games at over a hundred venues and Molson is in the top ten. Pigeons will drive you nuts. What happened to the firing squad to kill them. I think the stadium is fine the way it is. But Yeah, they need more seats to be competitive. I think they would be better off in the long run in reconfiguring the Big O. Just my opinion.

i think they should play the entire '06 season at the BIG O, and with the extra money they make playing there ( in a 50 000 seater rather than a 20 000 seater ) they can help fund the expansion of percival molson in time for the '07 season.

i don't think the fans will be upset going to the BIg O, knowing its only for 1 year....and it's for the long-term betterment of the team.

if not the whole '06 season, atleast a few more regular-season games there to raise money....they currently play the last reg-season game there and 1 home playoff game there to add some extra cash to the bank account.
so they could make it 3 reg-season games at the BIG O, instead of 1.

Except we don't really have seats in Montreal. I know they call them seats, but its really just metal beams we sit on.

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