Building the stadium, one brick at a time

I know, Saskargo. Here I am, again, talking about the Als...

Anyways, I just learned the Als are lauching a "Build the Nest" campaign, in which they ask fans and compagnies to buy bricks, to help finance the Molson-Percival upgrades. They will create a "Builders' wall" in front of the stadium with bricks engraved with the names of donators.

Donations must be of at least 250$. Yikes. I don't know who wil spend that for a brick. I would have contribute my 20$, but if I have250$ to spend on the Als, I'll keep it for the year-end auction of the Als game jerseys.

They expect to gather 4 millions (out of the 27 M needed for the upgrade) with the fundraising campaign. That means 16 000 bricks (unless companies buy the 10 000$ ones).

Hmmm... My feeling is... we'll have to wait a few years to see that stadium upgraded.

I don't mind you saying stuff like this.This is very interesting to know.
Are you going to brag about a brick worth $250.00.LOL

.....27 mil is a lot of clams to spend on an upgrade.......what sort of things are being contemplated 3/10?...........

No Kidding R&W, I'm Surprised That The Als Don't Have Enough For A 5 000 Seat Renovation. But $250 Isn't Bad For Getting Your name On A Permanent Spot On Your Teams Stadium. However It's A Good Idea Whether It Works Or Not.

Riders are doing the same thing.
Instead of a brick it will be manuer!!
$500.00 for a bag.For a hundred dollars more you can throw it at a players house!!!

Saskargo, if I buy a brick for 250$, I hope my girlfriend will slam it on my forehead.

RedandWhite, it’s mostly the addition of 5000 seats I believe. Well… 27 millions $… It’s got to be somthing else too, but I don’t know.

Ro1313, care to help me with those details?

It could be worse.You could get shares in the riders organization for $250.00
I would rather have the brick!!!

I think the cost being so high may have to do with investigations into and possibly strengthening of the existing structure prior to the addition. It's an old stadium, if I'm not mistaken, and record-keeping back in the day wasn't quite so good as it is now. Plus, it's tough to feel comfortable relying on something that was constructed that long ago, so they're probably doing at least some testing of what's there. That is typically what runs up the costs, plus doing things in a way to preserve as much of the original construction as possible.

That's why in a lot of cases, it's cheaper to demolish older structures and start over with new stuff. I'm sure they don't want to in this case, and they shouldn't, it's nice to preserve old stuff when you can.

If you had shares in the riders, you could rid of the management, and run them like the argos. :slight_smile:

Whatever they're doing, it's gonna look pretty good!

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I know that if I had money for it, I'd pay the $250 - it's not buying the brick, it's contributing to the project. And I'd be happy to help out my team in that way. Getting my name written on a brick would just be a nice bonus.

Hell, if I had the money, I'd start building a stadium in Halifax!!

I thought Montreal had a lot of money after all those sell out crowds.

No thanks, call me when they wake up and repair the Big O, I'll buy a brink for the Big O, not Molson stadium.

Yeah, I know it's the founding place of football, but I don't believe the Al's should be playing there. But it would be a good site for the GC, and so would PEPS Stadium.

Sounds really similar to the Shares that the Riders sell. They are 250 each as well, only we get to vote for our board. But we don't get any name on a brick. I want a name on a brick. Oh well the share still looks pretty damn good on my wall

Geez Biily I thought you would take that share to bed, and cuddle with it.

Billy, since we're never going to do anything to Taylor Field, I think the best way to get your name on a brick would be to glue your share certificate to the brick. Does it have your name on it anywhere? If not, write it on with a Sharpie.... I ask cause I haven't seen the shares.

I didn't realize there were voting rights for the shares.... that's pretty alright. Vote for teams that have imagination on offence, okay?

Not a bad idea, not sure how successful it will be.

They should put a Glieberman twist to it and say you get a brick
and a date with the cheerleader of your choice.

That might make them bricks go a little quicker.

How about a date with Saskargo!!
They would sell out in no time!!!!

I'm up for that! but it would be more talk than a date.

As far as I know the 27 million will be for 5000 seats, luxury boxes and a new exterance and ticket office. 250 is quite a bit. I would have gone for maybe 50-100 but with my luck my brick would be at the top of a 15 foot wall and I would have to lug a ladder in to see it.

I’d take her fishing…she always seems to know the right bait! :wink:

Hey Third, Wouldn't you liek a brick to show your Grandchildren 25 - 30 years from now?