Building a team

If I was building a CFL team I would first concentrate on, at least on offense:

building the very best O-Line possible before anything else. I would throw out any ratio concerns here. Just create the best in the league.

From there everything improves on offense.

Then i'd look for a QB who had good turnover ratio and accuracy. Arm strength is secondary.

then get the best kicker available regardless of ratio. By best I mean 88% AT 40 yards and in. If he can also punt at a 40 net yard average he can do both .

then put together the receiving crew with heavy Canadian content if needed. Make sure two have speed for deep threat possibilities.

Get two Canadian running backs who can block and receive.

What would you guys focus on?

The formula for building a championship CFL team is very simple. Get a good QB and the best possible Canadian talent - - regardless of position - - that you can find.

The concept of designating specific roster spots for NIs - - ie interior OLinemen and kickers - - is a ridiculously bad idea that's doomed to failure. Unfortunately, many CFL teams are dumb enough to construct their rosters in that manner.

Which is why you see useless kickers like Josh Bartel who couldn't kick their way out of a wet paper bag and short-armed fatties like Dean Valli that are human turnstiles, collecting paycheques in the CFL.

I've never understood " draft the best player available"

How do you judge who's a better player between an guard and a running back?

I've only seen one draft board in real life.

It listed best players in their opinion by position.

I think teams pick best players by position and cross match that with their need,

I would try to start with the best O-line in the league and work from there.

I would lock down my franchise QB and build from there. If I could only have a perrennial CFL all star at 3 other positions besides that, i'd say LT, DE, RB

If I were the GM of a new team, finding a QB is an obvious answer. Good luck with that in year one unless you can steal a former backup like Trevor Harris or Zach Collaros from a team.

O-line would be the 1st priority, even average QB's look good when protected properly, so technically Oline is more important than QB. QB would be second, someone with good awareness and Football IQ even if I had to sacrifice his initial physical "build". Above average throw power with good accuracy within 1-20 yards to start. The deep ball would be developed.

From there you find an above average deep threat slot back, and good possession receivers (receivers need to be Canadian). And then I would look at the defensive line and try to find a great pass rusher and a big balanced DT.

I would then look at finding some prototypical linebackers who are okay in zone coverage but can also fill in on the run.

Finding two good defensive halfbacks are paramount with at least one good short side corner. After those are found, try to find a rangy Canadian safety if possible.

From there, go back to working the rest of the D-line and build depth their for rotation

(notice I haven't said running back yet?)

Finding good special teams players are next, Kicker and then Punter, and then various depth players

Finally I would scout and look at running backs. The reason I have RB at the bottom is that they are a dime a dozen. Players like Jon Cornish, Adrian Peterson, Mike Pringle, LaDanian Tomlinson, Marshawn Lynch, etc. Are very rare for their longevity to dominate and hold the position for more than 6-7 years in either league.
The reason is that you can always find a cheaper and almost as or just as talented option whenever you want.

From here, I would fill in whatever else I needed.