Build Your Own Team

If you could build your own expansion team from players from any CFL era who would you take?

QB: Doug Flutie
RB: Corey Sheets
FB: Mike Sellers
Reciever 1: Geroy Simon
Reciever 2: Ben Cahoon
Reciever 3: Don Narcisse
Reciever 4: Milt Stegall
Olinemen: Aldag, Walby, Gene Makowsky, Ben Chiu, Brendan Labatte

Defensive Line: Cameron Wake, Charleston Hughes, Joe Montfort, Bill Baker

LB: Willie Pless, Solomon Elimimian, Mike OShea

Defensive Backfield: Glenn Suitor, Eddie Davis, Jackie Parker

K: Lui Passaglia
P: Jon Ryan

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Here’s some of my team....too tired to draft the rest ‘till tomorrow.
QB- Calvillo- Flutie
Receivers- Simon, Kelly, Cahoon, Stegall
Fullback- Pringle
Kicker- Passaglia- Sweet
Kick return- Gizmo, Pinball
DB- Dickie Harris, Tom Cousineau
Coach- Don Mathews
Special teams- Randy Rhino
Best name- Randy Rhino

Lot's of good names already mentioned

On Defence

I would want Dan Kepley and OJ Briggance for LB

Larry Highbaugh and Joe Hollimon as DB

Damn, Edmonton had a lot of talent.
But they didn’t have Junior Ah-You.

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So many choices- where to begin?

QB: Dunigan
RB: Mike Pringle
Oline: Makowsky, Freddie Childress, John Bonk, Al Wilson, Ellison Kelly
Receiver: SJ Green, Tony Gabriel, Geroy Simon, Terry Greer, Milt Stegall

DLine: Wake, Montford, Mike Walker, Doug Brown
LB: Willie Pless, Greg Battle, Chip Cox
Secondary: Larry Highbaugh, David Shaw, Paul Bennett, Barron Miles, Don Wilson

Kicker: Paul Osbaldiston
Punter: Hank Ilesic

Returner: Gizmo Williams

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Junior Ah -You is up there with Wonderful Monds with best CFL names .

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I did a post on that last year. I think it was my favourite yet.
Maybe I’ll do a “best nickname” next.

I think oline is the toughest area to pick. Apart from all Star selections, years of service, consecutive games played etc. that is one position where there aren’t really any distinguishing game stats to go by. Maybe they need to come up with number of defensive lineman flattened in a game.

The o-line are the unsung heroes of football. You can’t win without a good one.
Look at BC last season.

Wonderful Monds is my favourite of all time. Junior Ah-You another great one - was in Hawaii a few years ago and he is also in the Polynesian Football Hall of Fame in Oahu.

Other great names - Prince Wimbley III, SirVincent Rogers, Demetrius Breedlove, Prechae Rodriguez, R-Kal Truluck...


Tom Canada. Joe Pao Pao. Deter Brock. Brendan labatte. Tony Proudfoot

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