Build a temporary stadium in Ottawa for 2013

Haven't we waited long enough in Ottawa ? Put up a temporary stadium like they did in BC. Why does everything have to be so difficult for Ottawa football fans. I couldn't believe it, in BC they replaced the roof and renovated BC Place and put up that cool temp stadium at Empire field in no time. Why not do that for Ottawa now and get this thing going for next year. Cheech. Just do it. Bring back the big white R already, goddammit ! :x

Why?? and where? Far too expensive. It's millions to put in temporary seats up to 20k or so, lighting, concessions, toilets, electric, press box, lots of parking and public transport. You can't just put up a temp stadium in a field somewhere!!! Millions just to get a field ready, they have special ashpalt and then rubber on top of that and then Field Turf..............that's MILLIONS
Vancouver had mega taxpayers dollars available for the Winter Games and part of that was a budget of $500 Million for the BC Place upgrade and to build a temp stadium at Empire field until the stadium was ready.

Hamilton can't even put up a temporary stadium anywhere. Too expensive and no site available.

How could they get a team or a coaching staff together before next season?

OK, I'm exagerating for 2013, but c'mon 2015 ? 2014 is realistic. They constructed the Civic Center and Frank Clair Stadium in 1966, in less than one year and the Rough Riders played all their home games in Montreal that year. Where there's a will there's a way. They built the Empire State Building in 6 months and Maple Leaf Gardens in less than a year and both were built during the Great Depression. And one more thing......


I agree with you 100% the Ottawa franchise needs to hit the field in 2014 one way or another. They will start with drafting redshirt juniors in 2013 who will be eligible for 2014. The schedule needs to be made with Ottawa in it for 2014. If the stadium is not ready then other arrangements will have to be made.
Too much is at stake including the new TV deal with hopefully TSN and having Ottawa back on the schedule is a big bargaining chip potentially worth millions to the CFL in tv revenue, and CFL merchandise.
The CFL investing in a temp stadium may not be that bad of an idea as it could be moved to quebec city later on with a franchise hopefully becoming number 10 by 2016 or 2017. Home games in Kingston at Queens or back to Montreal at Olympic until the stadium is finished.
The time to strike is now! TSN/RDS has created awsome coverage and coverage of all games for he first time. NBC Sportsnet has taken the place of US coverage on a regular basis in the US on reputable networks and webcast on ESPN3 has also braodend the fan base.
It is Too late to turn back 2014 is the season for the return of a strong competative Ottawa franchise here to stay.

If you read the "Construction Thread" you will see pictures of the site under construction and a quote from the Mayor of Ottawa saying that the stadium will be ready for 2014.
The South Side stands are gone, they are already digging for the underground parking lot. The stadium site is ready for construction and soon as the final bidder is selected they will begin construction.

As for guarantees that the stadium will be built on time, there are no guarantees just look what happened in Winnipeg, they were sure that the stadium would be ready for July of this year, then it was changed until September then they said not until spring 2013.

I would be more worried about Hamilton being ready for 2013, IWS is not being torn down until December, I'm not sure how long it takes to tear down the old stadium remove the rubble and get the site ready for the new stadium but it gives them roughly 18 months.

Which last we heard was October.

I do wish they'd get around to announcing the builder though.

I agree. You are absolutely right on both counts. First The stadium in Ottawa has been ready to be started for a while now. The Bleacher side grandstand has been torn down and is ready to start the construction of the new stands on that side which will include all the modern amenities. The opposite side is getting a facelift so the structure is already in place new seating and upgraded concession and bathroom facilities would not take long.

Hamilton, however, still needs to tear down the old remove the ruble and start building completely from scratch and your right we saw in Winnipeg with a tight schedule it only took some bad weather to delay it for a whole season. The good thing is that the Yi Cats will play somewhere and that is what the most important thing in Ottawa is that the team is on the schedule and playing football games.

Except that Hamilton has no place to play for 2013. McMaster won't let the Ticats put up temporary seating at Ron Joyce stadium and Guelph won't let them play there. So it means that the loyal Ticat fans and season ticket holders probably won't be able to see their team in 013 unless they are willing to travel a long way. The closest place would be Western but that would mean a 2 hour drive. So if the new stadium in Hamilton is not ready for 2014 it will be a disaster.

They will be playing Toronto for times next season. I know that Rogers center has a tight schedule but the Hamilton Fans would be able to attend at least two away game at Rogers. I would think that the CFL and the Toronto Argonauts would really show a sign of good will if they invited all 2012 and 2014 early weason ticket holders to the games for free as guest of the CFL and the Toronto Argonauts. Their is certainly plenty of space at Rogers center. The Argos have a responsibility to their fans and only open levels one and two usually for home game now making the capacity 31,000 plus. A good season this year with a possible grey cup appearance may get the Argos back to a resonable 25-30 capacity for home games.
That would leave the entire third level to invite Hamilton Season ticket holders to fill seats behind their bench from goal line to goal line. The Drive and traffic is said to be a mess but a saturday game may not be as bad and is certainly a lot closer then London.
Also the two games vs the Argos that will be scheduled as Hamiltons Home games may also possibily be squeezed into the tight Rogers center schedule giving Hamiltons regular season ticket holders and other Hamilton fans Prime seating for the game. Argo season ticket holders could also be extended an invetation to attend the game for free as guest of the Ti Cats given the same level three seating behnd the Argos usual home bench also other Toronto fans would be able to by seats in that section for a level three ticket price perhaps $10.00. It would certainly put some people in the seats and creat an exciting atmosphere for the battle of Ontario and may lead to somehting similar in the future that could lead to a tradition where Hanilton Fans would be able to make one treck a year to an away game at Rogers center.
The games may all be agianst the argos in 2013 but who better then your GTA golden Horseshoe rival. I have been suggesting this for years now. Really build up the Hmilton Game at Rogers Center getting the Hamilton fans an offer they could not refuse to attend that one game a year at Rogers center. regardless of the sight lines hatred of the facility and the complaints about traffic. It is only about 30 to 45 minutes away.
Hamilton may Also be able to squeeze one or two more home games at Rogers in 2013 as it is by far the closest facility to them and is certainly a profesional sports venue whether you like it or not and their will not need to be any temp seats to put in and both sets of fans could attend the game providing a rather large crowd where revenue could be gained from concesions, parking, Merchandise even you invited whoever the visiting team is season ticket holders as guest. Make it a real event.
Just seems ashame for being how close they are that the Hamilton season ticket holders and other fans are not extended some kind of incentive to attend with the close distance less than an hour away.
Just a thought about a better marketing strategy for the rivalry of Ontario

Everything has been in place for Ottawa including building the stadiumand just had to wait the ok

If the stadium isn't ready for 2014 maybe they could play at the Ottawa Stadium, just add some temporary bleachers and a configuration change.

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I agree. even if their is a hold up for the completion of the stadium as with Hamilton they will find someplace to play that would be cost efficient even if it is not up to the 25,000 capacity. There are a lot of thing such as participating in the 2013 draft, drafting redshirt Juniors for 2014 season and the expansion draft after the 2013 season which will all be done. So at this point it would be more important to have the team playing somewhere for a temp amount of time if neccessary rather than move the start date to 2015.
And yes Ottawa stadium is a good option for a temporary slot if things should fall behind but it does not seem that they will.

Exciting time for the CFL!

Although I would love to see it, I don't know how they could configure Ottawa Stadium for football. I guess they would have to add another 10,000 temporary stands. What shape would it have ? Do they even have enough space ? I guess it would be cheaper than putting up a complete temp stadium like Empire Field. But then again, why not. Just bring football back already. :slight_smile: BRING BACK THE BIG WHITE R.

That was IF Lansdowne isn't ready for 2014 - you never know.

It can be done, where there is a will there is a way.
Heck BC proved that.

Ottawa Stadium would be a good option. Although the field is smaller there are two UFL teams using Minor League Basebal stadiums as their home fields. As someone mentioned where there is a will there is a way and OSEG has shown that will but I do not see any reason why the project wouldn't be completed by 2014. In looking at the updates and pictures just about everthing is done in the tearing down of the old stadium and they should be able to start building the new right on time. the North side is only being upgraded so only the south grandstand would have to be built from scratch and the old field is already set up and only needs to be replace with new field turf which does not take that long if just replacing it.

What's wrong with the old turf? Remember the Rolling Stones paid to replace it after they twisted it up with their stage crane. It was brand new when the Renegades stopped playing, if I recall correctly.

If your going to do all this with the project the stadium new stands etc. you need to lay down the latest in field turf. The new field turf isn all that expensive so it is really a non issue that it be done

While I would like to get the team up and going sooner rather than later, trying to build a temporary venue would probably make the whole situation worse. By putting up a stadium elsewhere, you would get, Clive Doucet, the FoL and John Martin shouting "See! You can build a stadium elsewhere! It doesn't have to be at Lansdowne!" all over again. Even trying to use the baseball stadium for football really muddies the waters.

I totally agree.