BUHL is gone

Just seen on facebook, Buhl has been released, Maurer coming back. :thup:

Hmm. Nothing on TSN yet. That sucks for him if it's true. I guess the game winning pick meant little to management.

He was the weakest DB, he was not CFL calibre, I mean the guy made little plays out there--

I think on the first TD that BRUCE scored he was the deep safety and he let Bruce somehow get behind him. He did not turn around and was completely confused on the flight of the ball.

Having said that what is the point of using a player who makes no plays, he was deep safety and let Bruce just catch the ball.

Buhl was likely the worst Db in the CFL at judging the ball when its in the air--

This had to happen- as Robinson needs to be starting.

[url=http://www.esks.com/article/maurer-returns-buhl-released-in-esks-roster-moves]http://www.esks.com/article/maurer-retu ... ster-moves[/url]

Boy I didn't see this coming !