Buh-Bye Morant, Hello P.K. Sam

Somewhat surprised to see Morant go, I thought he could have been a good substitute for David Boston, given a chance to play.

Anyone know anything about P.K. Sam? Think he'll get a chance to play?

Why is McNeal still playing at WR? I noticed Tyler Scott didn't dress for the last game, I wonder why. I like his hands and thought he showed flashes of brilliance as a starter.

I was surprised to see Morant go as he looked to have good speed to go with his size.
They didn't throw the ball to him very much so I guess their evaluation was on the practice field. Maybe he asked for his release if he wasn't going to play much for a while.
I thought Brad Smith's career was probably over when his dad's team released him. He did have a good career at Queen's, so maybe he can make it yet. I haven't been to impressed with Hoffart's play, so maybe there is an opening available.
P.K. Sam has been kicking around NFL training camps and practice rosters for a few years now, maybe the CFL is the right place for now.

I thought Morant provided Argo fans with an exciting play in Edmonton where he stole the ball from an Eskie db & turned it into a long touchdown.

As for P.K. Sam, I remember watching some NFL Europa (I admit, I was bored) & he was by far the most dominant receiver in the league.

the argos and their history with WRs is a joke, they basically trade one overrated scrub for another, maybe andre rison, rj soward, and johnnie mitchell should get another chance, lol.

The fact that you still remember these guys makes it worth it for Argo publicity IMO. As long as people are talking about the Argos, good or bad, it's good.

And what makes them different then all the other teams doing the same things? Take for example the Cats who have almost all new recievers every year. Paul Massoti, DK Smith, Derrell Mitchel, Arland Bruce are just 4 names to combat your 3 "scrubs" you mentioned. RJ had success in T.O. and despite what many believe so did Rison, considering he was well down the depth chart.

The Argos did have some injury problems, which led to McNeal playing WR, so they need a few more bodies. With the amount of drops lately and Bethel coming back, it's not surprising to see some players replaced by others. Nothing really changes in the top 4, so it's not really a big deal.

I sometimes think some of these players like Rison and Morant are forced on a reluctant coaching staff.
I can remember Rison coming down the sidelines right in front of me on fly patterns. He would be open but they wouldn't throw him the ball. Damon was playing then but the plays were called from the sidelines. I can remember back then questioning why they wouldn't put Bishop in and air it out to Rison, he still had the wheels from what I saw. I don't think the coaching staff wanted him around.