buh bye Dwight Anderson

Plain and simple, the facts have played out...you can't almost head-butt the head coach and expect to stay with the team!!...no matter how much some of the forum participants thought he was a good player and I sure wasn't one of them.

no one said he was trying to be biger than the team but did you ever think about how hard it must have been to play on that defence last year? id say the coaches deserved to get head butted

I'd take Bradley over Anderson any day.

so would i.
but id take anderson over gordon any day.

Great analysis Paullywood.
We just can't afford to have the kind of penalties guys like him cause.

Not me. I really like Gordon.

Last year was so bad because of the lack of direction that it's hard to evaluate performnces of individual palyers.

I liked what I saw in Gordon even before last year.

I have concerns mainly with Roberts.