buh bye Dwight Anderson

just signed with Calgary

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22853]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=22853[/url]

i kind of expected this out of Hufnagel, he likes these kind of players, also he isn't really a players coach

Yes he likes players who don't like losing and are actually good.

This is a good signing by Calgary.

And he isn't a players coach, that's why Doug Flutie speaks so highly of him.

I don't know.. i wasn't sold on Anderson last season. He made a few good plays, but the ball was thrown in his direction a lot. He also seemed to cause trouble. IE: The body slamming incident, and i don't think Taffee and him were getting along.

Basically, I don't like him. This is my opinion though..

I'm disheartened

hufnagel is a snake, and a bad coach, atleast he was with the Giants

I think someone else has echoed these sentiments before, but I will re-iterate them.

Dwight is a talented player who, if he can stay focussed, will be a solid defensive back in the CFL. It is just with the state of the Tiger-Cats in 2007 - 2008, they need players who are stable and players they can count on and build upon. Unfortunately Dwight isn't one of them with his immaturity, off field problems, and the lack of control of his emotions.

He would be a better fit on a veteran defense like that of the ____s, or in this case, the Stampeders.

  • paul

No loss.

Now maybe the Stamps secondary will be known as the "Burn Unit".

Isnt so dumb how some players think they are bigger then the team they play with?

8) After Andersons well documented confrontation with Coach Taaffe on the sidelines last year, there was no way he was coming back to the Cats as long as Charlie was still in charge !!!!

No one player is bigger than the team, and Andersons short fuse and temper was his downfall here !!! Good riddance to him !!!

I definitely agree, paullywood.

I can see Dwight becoming a very good player
when he gets control of his emotions.

The new d-back coach doesn't need
to be dealing with the distraction
a volatile guy like Dwight creates.

I like Dwight and I agree that with some decent coaching and a little more maturity he will be a great player.

Best of luck to him. I don't generally defend these kind of outbursts, but I can say that there were MANY times last year that I had a thing or two to say to the coaching staff.

Best of luck Dwight. Keep singing.

Well He is better off there
Reason is cause we hire A Rookie CFL DB Coach ..
This really Concerns me

I don't care how many years of NCAA you coached
It not a Pro Game .

Anderson would have blow up at this guy.
I see our DB's doing the same.
Look out For more look Bombs this year.

It may be immaturity, but I see him as someone who hates to lose, and acts this way out of his passion for the game. I'd rather have a bunch of emotional players like that than guys who are just collecting a paycheck and thinking of football as a job and will be spoted on the sidelines laughing and joking around when their team is being destroyed.

I have to agree Anderson Gone JoJuan Armour next.

What is going on ??

Like Belli, I think Anderson has talent, but his tendency to take dumb penalties at the wrong time really hurts whatever team he plays for.

Maybe Hufnagel can curb that. If he can, good pickup for the Stamps.

anderson will come out huge this year. He will be the best man in the secondary for the stamps this year

I just remember Anderson getting beat a lot last year... and if that was the case, who cares about antics, personality, passion.
Just be able to play well and put your team first.
Do that and you will be welcomed here.

Does anyone know for certain he even wanted to come back here?
Given the blowup with Taaffe for all anyone knows he could have demanded a trade.