Bug/Error Reporting

If you find a bug or an error in CFL.ca. Please report it here.

Earlier today I couldnt open up the threads in the Lions forum

Yeah great new site, but I found a bug. For your Broadband, when you click the link for US viewers Or For International viewers, nothing comes up. The link for Canadian viewers does go to the TSN website. Please fix this so we can watch the Argos on Broadband tonight. The way I got to this problem was. On the homepage I went over the Schedule tab and clicked on 2009. Next I went down to week 1 and clicked on the Toronto Hamilton game. There they had a webcast link. I clicked that. After that page came up, I clicked on the "Viewers in the United States Click here" tab. Then after I did that My progress meter went very slow and nothing came up. The same thing occured for the International viewers tab. Please Fix this soon. :cowboy:

Rosters are not all updated; an example: Als roster. Was uptaded before new/revised site.


I don't know if this qualifies as a "bug"...

I can't find the LIVE GAME DAY section
(known as the PUROLATOR LIVE PLAY GAME DAY section last season).

Are we still going to get live stats during the games?
The Schedule page offers individual game previews
... but there's no indication of a LIVE GAME DAY option.

Maybe I'm just not seeing it?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

When looking at the post-game Box Scores
by clicking on individual GAME STATS from the SCHEDULE page…

the helmet graphics overlap the first few lines of text,
making that information difficult to read.


When the game actually starts, the schedule block on all the sites will change to indicate that a game is in progress and will provide a link to the new live scoring functions.


Thanks, Jett.
Do you know how long a LIVE SCORING link will stay active after a game has ended?
Will it simply remain as the game's Box Score link? Thanks again.

stampeders don't appear to be on the new network. is there a reason for this?

The links on the depth chart page are not there. There is text but no link, therefore we cannot see the depth chart for today's game.

on the Roughriders site when you try to login to the Fan Allience page you end up on a Texas RoughRiders baseball site

same with me

I was being shown the standard time displayed on forum posts (off by one hour) until I went into user profile and resaved my profile.

Now the daylight savings times are displaying properly.

This is probably not a problem for Saskatchewan RR fans, cause they are smart enough to stay on Standard Time year round.

i'll ask it again. is there a reason the stampeders site isn't a part of the new network??? they're the only site to not have an update.

I've come across a bug/error also. Can't seem to get the page for the Esk's forum message board on the Eskimo's site. Comes up page not found. Anyways I can read and post on here just the same.

Printer friendly? Kou want to print a roster it's 9 pages; same with schedule.

I wonder why you have proceeded with these updates/changes at the beginning of season. Why not May? or early June?


I think that is an excellent point.

Opening week of the regular season is probably one of the most important times for everthing to be running perfectly smoothly on the sites. Worst possible time to roll out changes.

i'm gonna keep bumping this until one of the 30 some odd moderators feels like answering. a short answer will be sufficient. :roll:

Hi Steve, thanks for your question.

The Stampeders are participating in the network on a limited basis - more on the commercial side. They made the decision this off-season to stay with their current web agency. If you have more questions about this, i would recommend contacting the Stamps as its not our place to speak for them.

Enjoy tonight's games.


Thank you for the reply Jamie.

And i'll be sure to contact the CFL instead of the Stamps. I can only imagine an NFL, MLB or NHL team attempting to opt out of a league wide website network. Why the stamps feel they're too good to post a team link banner on top of their site to show support for the rest of the CFL is simply amazing to me.