Buffalo vs New York Comments

Have not heard anyone mention the NFL game yesterday at Rogers Center. So I guess I will start it off.





I had the same thoughts for the first 3 quarters of the Grey Cup.

If it was so boring why did you watch then?

As much as we love the CFL, you have to remember we have a lot of stinkers as well. You have to remember who was playing last nite, the Bills and Jets. 2 non-high powered offenses.

^^^^^^ my thoughts exactly.

I watched maybe a quarter total of last nights game, but it was still a lot more entertaining than the average Argo game.

When the teams struggle on offence in this league it can be unbarably boring to tolerate.

I saw a little of it, there seem to be a large crowd. If both the Bills and Jets were playoff teams would it have made any difference to the ticket sales? All I have to relay on is TV reports ,how was the buzz surrounding the game?Earlier that evening I was watching prime time sports, they were discussing the amount tickets that were actual sold to fans and how many were bought up by rogers and given away.They also were taking about the effect two years of this was having on the NFL and the idea of a team coming to Toronto.

I was there and thought it was funny that 2 of my friends got tickets from scalpers at 4:30pm for $20 each. Then 1 of my buddies cousin got in for free 15 min before kick off. I will tell you one thing, it sucked.... The grey cup kicked it's butt for entertainment and the east semi final was 10 times better. Everyone there was pro NFL, wearing their Brett Favre and Payton Manning jerseys. I don't understand them at all.

I tried to watch the game, but I kept changing channels. The interest was not there. Now if it was two good teams, then I probably would have watched it wee bit more.

I found the Grey Cup game intense and not boring at all. With Saskatchewan jumping out to a lead and giving Montreal all they could handle in the first half was a pleasure to watch since I was cherring for the Riders. But then a sense of dread came over me in the second half as Montreal awoke and started to play coming back from a 16 point deficit and eventually winning the game on a mistake by the Riders.

I also heard that they gave away a lot of tickets to make it look like close to a sell-out. But in terms of hype in the media, it was rather subdued.

You know, if Rogers does get a NFL team I will be more than happy to attend the game if they continually give the tickets away.

Rogers is taking a bath on this big time and Ralph is laughing all the way to the bank.


No doubt, Ralph Wilson is making tons of cash of rogers and I love it. I only went to the game because I got free tickets, haha. I will go and support the bills in Buffalo but not in Toronto. I don't support any Toronto teams unless its for the CFL. Rogers should buy a CFL team and sell it like they promoted the Bills. If the Argos were promoted anything like Rogers promoted the Bills they'd get close to same amount of people that went to the Bills game last night. And of course giving thousands of tickets away helps a ton as well...

Long live the CFL....


What happend to the Fans 10 years ago when the Bills and the popular Cowboys played???? there was 43,000 at that game. Toronto is not an NFL market. But idiots like Rogers Ent. think they are. Rogers Ent should fix all the problems in Toronto before they blow 87 Million dollars on a worthless cause. They should also support the Canadian Football League first. I bet Rogers Ent are all Americans....

I bought the season tickets last year so I could go to see the Dolphins game, had tickets yesterday but just sold them....shrugs

What was the actual number of tickets sold to this lost cause?


I read last night that Blue Jay seasons ticket holders all got free tickets.

Anyone know if thats true, I ve been asking but its hard to find a Blue Jays Season ticket holder.

I was going to watch it but it wasn't on TSN so I said forget it so I watched other stuff. I'm having a hard time watching any sports on Sportsnet these days. That's the truth too.

But even brutal games in the CFL that are at least close, where there is no offense, at least has more special teams and field position kicking involved which at least can make up for a bad offense like the Argos. The problem with 4 down 40 second ball is a bad team with a bad qb actually has possession of the ball too long on each possession, I find that more brutal than our game with an equally inept offense.

I was wondering why they did not show any closeups of the actual crowd. It looked like they may have had about 30,000 people tops. Considering most of the seats close to the field were tarped with some NFL in Toronto crap on it. AS far as the game, no wonder Ralphie boy wants to unload the Bills. Owens looks like he has lost a step and the OLine can't block to save their lives. I turned it off after the first quarter.

Yes, all Blue Jays STH got freebies if they wnated them.

Also read that 500 tickets were given out at a school. There were all kinds of freebies and I don't think we'll ever know how many were actually sold and at what price.

I actually tried to watch it in the end I only watched a few sequences. I watched Buffalo go 3 and out, all rushing plays no passes, then the Jets do the same back to the Bills 2 rushing plays,finally a pass no make that an interception. So much for 4 down ball. Check to see if the National is on yet.

You have to understand the playclock in both leagues though.

In the NFL, once a play has been blown dead, the 40 second clock starts right away. So every 40 seconds there is a play.

In the CFL, once a play has been blown dead, the ball gets spotted and then is blown into play. If you watch closely, the playclock works out to be almost similar.

The myth is that we have a 20 second clock. It’s just not true. We have 20 seconds to put a play in plus the time it takes for the refs to mark the ball and blow the play in.

Good point Alan, I agree. Still though I think my point stands, albeit not quite as strong.

LMAO, have you ever seen it with 30 k? It looks like an empty tomb, there was definately around 50k

30k fills nothing but the lower bowls with no one on top, if you spread 30 k out it looks pretty bare.

I wonder how this Rogers bungle is going to affect my cell phone bill...

Forget the phone bill what about all those roger customers with Cable tv???