Buffalo in CFL one day?

As the Bils owner, Ralph Wilson, is 87 and his family apparently doesn't want to own the Bills after he passes on, the Bills could very well be moving to LA at some point as is reported in the Buffalo media.

I am wondering if a Buffalo CFL team, should the above scenario happen, would work. Other than it is in the US, it would have natural rivals with Hamilton and Toronto so close. If there is interest there at some point, should the CFL just close the door from the beginning since Buffalo is an American city?

I don't want to expand to the States again because of the import rule. Canadian teams are put at a disadvantage since they have to have Canadians playing on their team and the American teams do not. Keep the league in Canada and keep the rules the same for all teams.

I'd hate to see the Bills move, they and the Dolphins have a great rivalry and they came o-so-close to winning it all ten years ago many times. I would like to see them win a SB before I die.

as for a Buffalo CFL team, no, absolutely not, Hamilton would be in trouble and be in a situation like they are not with getting an NHL team. I'd hate to put the faithful Hamilton fan though that, after all, it's the only pro team they have.


If the Bills move, and that's a huge IF, I suggest they try and land the PACKERS!!! :lol:

Well said roughy......Thats the main reason I hope we never expand again to the States.

Buffalo already has an NFL team.

If they lose it, that's their problem, not the CFL's.

I'm sure if the Bills were no longer wanted by the Wilson family, they would find many offers locally. The Bills, as sad and pathetic as they are, are a huge part of the Buffalo community, and I don't see them leaving.

If they did leave, I would not shut the door on them coming to the CFL. I always thought that a good way to get past the import rule is to establish a radius around the US city that was approximately 30 million. Any high school or University grad from within that area becomes eligible to play as a non-import, anyone from outside the area plays as an import. That would somewhat level the field. I recognize that this idea lacks specifics, but i think this gets the general point across.

have to agree with RIderfanatic on his expanding of the non-import quota

This might be a way to get around the restrictions and keep the playing field level.

could be a possibility.

Would love to see this done in Nebraska!

No future in the USA for CFL expansion. Expansion should be to more Canadian cities

Hey, I can always dream of the "Nebraska Mustangs" playing in the CFL!

no offence HM, but dream on.

That would be a good day. I think there are many small USA markets just south of the 49th that would be good additions to the CFL. I heard that they can get up to 15,000 to a high school game. Why these sites were not looked at is beyond me. By the way Huskerman how are the Knights doing?

why would the packers move

kidding, kinda...

heck if tha NFL has a team in Green Bay, why would they wanna lose buffalo, and why don't they have a team in Hartford??? God knows the Pats would draw better there than in Foxboro, total soccer town.

A) The Bills mean too much to the city of Buffalo to ever let them slip away. If the Bills ever left it would be because of dirty dealing.

B) If Buffalo ever got a CFL franchise, they could satisfy the import rule by basing the team out of Fort Erie, Ont. and then play their games in Ralph Wilson stadium.

C) Riderfanatic's idea has merit. There could also be financial disadvantages levied on US clubs. Remember, in order to get a franchise you'd have to agree to the League's terms.

D) But firstly, the CFL should expand and satisfy ALL major Canadian markets first before expanding southward.

A bit off topic, but Kanga, please explain…
Why would it make sense to move the Pats to Hartford? Why would you abandon a top-10 market of Boston to move to Hartford of all places?

Back on topic,
I agree with your first point Rob. The city of Buffalo would not allow the team to move without some shenanigans going on. Besides, I’m sure there would be a new owner ready to step up immediately, should the Wilson family sell out.

I disagree the problem with that is there is no suitable stadiums are available at these venues where as places such as Ohama, Great Falls etc have stadiums granted they would have to changed a bit for the cfl field.
But that is less costly then building stadiums

If we get a team in the Maritimes, and another in Quebec…

…and if all 11 teams have stable ownership, committed to the league and their respective communities…

…and if all 11 teams are drawing good crowds, and are at least breaking even…

…and if there are no other Canadian cities that would be able to support a team…

…and if a US city steps up with a stadium, an owner, and enough fans committed to buying tickets…

…and if the CFL can come up with a way to force US teams to play with an “import ratio” that will stand up in US courts…

…THEN and ONLY then would I want the league to consider expanding into the US.

Mind you, that’s a lot of "if"s.

Horus wrote:

Besides, I'm sure there would be a new owner ready to step up immediately, should the Wilson family sell out.
But Horus, lets say a group in LA offers, say, $700 mill for a team and the best offer from a Buffalo group is $600 mill. Pretty hard to just give up $100 mill I would think. And I'm thinking there is a lot more money in LA than in Buffalo. Buffalo is a city on the decline, high unemployment rate. If it weren't for the Canadians, the Bills wouldn't have nearly the attendance they have.

Big Dave,

I'd go along with that list of IFs.... guess I'm a bit of an optimist, but I still see all these things as being possible.

As for someone's question about the Omaha (aksarban) Knights, they are doing OK. Omaha likes it's hockey, but with the Omaha Lancers (in the USHL) and the University of Nebraksa at Omaha Maverics at the NCAA level, both having established fan basses and established programs, it is taking the Knights some time to carve out their own unique nitch in the market. The metro area has 3 major indoor arenas, each of the 3 teams has one as its home. They try not to go 'head to head' with matches, but with 3 teams in one town, it is unavoidable. When this happens, the knights, being the new boys on the block, get the short end of the stick.

THey are currenly mid table in the West's west division at .500 roughly. I think as their on field performances get better, their crowd draws will get better.... But for a first year in a saturated market, they are doing well. Apparently the ownership/managment are satisfied with the move.