Buffalo Bills

Every ESPN and NFL beat writer seems to want the bills to move to toronto and try to bring the NFL to Canada(of course when they say to Canada they mean have one shitty team in Toronto) what do you guys think? ARe they gonna move? IS this a threat to the Argos and the CFL?

Who are the Bills and what's the NFL.

bin dere, done dat, dont wan em

Amen. Just even the name, Toronto Bills? Sounds weird.

Both America and Canada are capitalist countries, and people have voted overwelmingly that they do not want the Bills or the NFL for that matter.
They voted with their walets... The only barometer in a capitalist society.
England is also a capitalist country and in London they have voted much diferently with their walets.
The London Bills...
Kind of has a ring to it.

As much as I hate to say it because the Bills deserve to stay in Buffalo, Toronto is a much larger city than Buffalo and is better known. ESPN reporters I'm sure would rather spend a few days in Toronto than Buffalo when they're on the beat covering games, I'll admit that.

But does Toronto want this, at least now?:

[url=http://www.nflgridirongab.com/2010/01/20/latest-hiring-continues-organizational-failure-in-buffalo/]http://www.nflgridirongab.com/2010/01/2 ... n-buffalo/[/url]

This could be another reason why people are saying the Bills should leave Buffalo, in essence they are saying Ralph should sell the team and do it fast because the longer he lives owning this team, they are just going to keep being dysfunctional.

wich game is "forfitted" as the article said? i hadnt heard that yet.

$$$$$ talks, the Bills will be in Toronto if they can't get a new stadium in Western New York. The JAGs will be in LA.

Absolutely correct! People didn't spend the money in Toronto so there's your answer.

Here are NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's comments from Saturday on the matter:



The best information always comes from the source even when it is propaganda (provided you can see through it), which it is not in this case.

Bottom line no move to Toronto for the Bills without a better stadium facility to accomodate a larger fan base ...

Goodell comments also on what is missing for LA.

The US market ripest for the picking for a move by an NFL team indeed is LA.

As I have commented separately on another post on this forum calling something like "The Next Big Thing In The CFL," I don't see why yet San Antonio or Central Florida could not also be targets for the CFL along with LA.

Just don't try to compete with NCAA football or the NFL when scheduling the home games and some away games if considering that, and all you American-haters you know what you can do with yourselves short of having to comment and rant against that idea solely based on any bias you have already against the US or the NFL.