Buffalo Bills Tickets in Toronto

Here is a link to the latest "Bills in T.O." puff article in the Star...


The official attendance of last year's Grey Cup was a 52,024 sellout. All the luxury boxes were also sold out. So why does Perkins say the GC attendance was "approximately 51,000", while the Bills will have 54,000 seats at RC? (That's down from Godfrey's 56,000 claim for the last American Bowl).

Re: average ticket prices: For example, if you sold 100 tickets @ $100 and 1 ticket at $1.00, the average ticket price was $50. But it is also true that the average price is $99. The media's claim that the average ticket price is $183 is misleading. There are many, many more $295 tickets than $55 ones. Rogers is giving more than $183 to Ralph Wilson for each seat for every game, so I doubt he is selling them for a loss, especially when these prices include all taxes.

The truth is the actual average selling price of the nosebleed seats is about $230. But the overall average will be much higher when the 14,000 "VIP" seats (the ones between the 20 yd lines) are factored in.

Their claimed "180,000 names" are in fact for single game ticket requests. If you requested eight tickets in the lottery, that counts for eight names for single-game tickets. So the real number of individuals on the lottery list is probably closer to 25,000. (Up from 15,000 they claimed last month when sales were "lackluster"). That is why Rogers is still advertising on CBC to drum up interest for the Bills games.

A cynical person could also surmise that since lottery winners must purchase tickets in 3 or 8-game packages, if you requested the maximum 8 tickets for the 8-game package, that amounts to 64 single-game ticket requests...which would whittle down their 180,000 name claim in a hurry.

Of course, Rogers has yet to see the colour of their money, and many of these "lottery winners" will probably back out when they are confronted with those inflated multi-game invoices.

Just reading in The Star that Bills seasons tickets in Buffalo could be the highest in 15 years, over 50,000. I think the Toronto thing is having some effect although this is played down as the reason in the article. But you have to think it is. Good for Buffalo, they want to keep their team.

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