Buffalo Bills Tickets in Toronto

I just heard this news on a Buffalo television station
WGRZ. The average price of a ticket will be $183.00 for the games to be played in Toronto.
Here is a link to the station for the full story.

[url=http://www.wgrz.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=57667]http://www.wgrz.com/news/news_article.a ... ryid=57667[/url]


Take a look at the Seating Chart The top price doesn't include any 100 level seats between the 10 yard lines, let alone the whole 200 level.

In my opinion, those $295 seats don't include any of the decent spots to watch a football game.

Isnt this nice
From the link

Tickets for the Bills' eight-game series in Toronto will average $183 per seat; [b]that's more than triple the cost for the team's home games this season[/b].

If these games sell out, and they very well could, it will prove one thing beyond any doubt.

It will be indisputable proof that Toronto fans have more money than brains.

It will solidify the conviction that Torontonians are 'event" fans, certainly not "sports" fans.

Doesn't matter though Wilf how you categorize Toronto sports fans, if the games sell-out at the prices as stated, Toronto will be a front-runner big-time for a team in the not too distant future. It's about bums in the seats at high price, do that and the NFL listens.

Earl, you're absolutely right.
Ted Rogers couldn't care less what my opinion is. His only concern is making a profit. And, if getting in bed with the NFL will do that, Ted's in the front of the line.

All of that won't change my opinion. And, if all that happens, it won't change the serious threat to the well-being of the CFL. Another thing that Ted doesn't care about.

True enough Wilf. Apart from my own personal ideas on the NFL and Toronto, I will say from a sports business angle, it is very interesting. Will Toronto and area pay for the NFL at the prices indicated? The Leafs sell-out at high prices for games but I don’t know if the NFL will there at high prices. But, the Grey Cup did well in Toronto albeit they were lucky the Riders got in. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that the NFL is huge especially as a TV event. And have you seen that stadium that the Cowboys are going to have? Holy sh**, unreal, blows away just about anything although I sure the new Yankee Stadium will be unreal albeit it smaller with 55,000 compared with 80,000 for the new 'Boys stadium which will be able to hold 100,000 for a SB. Another aspect where football is the biggest in the States compared with baseball. Go to the ‘Boys website and have a look. Combine this with the new NY stadium and LA will surely get back in the NFL, and you know Toronto wants to be in this with a team and down the road, a new stadium probably brought on by an Olympics. Ted and Larry (Rogers and Tannenbaum) have some big time money and the NFL will be impressed if Toronto can pull off these Bills’ games at high prices. I don’t care what anyone says, Toronto is definitely on the NFL radar big time if Toronto pulls this off over the next 5 years. And that will be big for tourism having Toronto on national TV in the US. Look what the World Series did for Toronto in the early 90’s. Hockey is nothing in US compared with football and baseball. Americans care if a team from Toronto wins the WS or an NFL championship or hosts a SB. They don’t care if a Canadian team wins the Stanley Cup, in fact I think most probably want Canada to win it at least every so often out of pity for us as they know it’s our no. 1 sport.

But anyways, none of all of this takes away from my passion for CFL, I love it to death even though it’s smaller and not as big time. Doesn’t matter, it’s great entertainment with a long and storied Canadian tradition. But, at the same time, I have to get to that new 'Boys stadium at some point I think just to see it. One reason I love football so much is having gone to Notre Dame and Michigan and see how Americans get so passionate about football, I hope Canada becomes more and more passionate about it also, a great sport no matter how many downs.

It is very strange how Toronto sports fans fall over themselves to go to games of teams that sport loosing records...Filling the Skydome to watch two second rate NFL teams I guess is in keeping with that... :cowboy:

HF, now is the time for NFL fans in Toronto and area, if they really, really want the NFL in their own backyard and not have to cross the border to go to a game, to put up or shut up. Not so much about losing records or whatever, much more on the line here for NFL fans that want it here on southern Ontario soil. Ted and Larry are laying the foundation buts it's up to the regular business community and fans to show their money if what they really want is the NFL here.

Notice the price list they have included with the seating chart. There's an option for NFL fans can go to the first 3 games (at a slightly higher rate) instead of popping for the whole 8. But with those prices, it's obvious they're catering to the event/corporate crowd. No matter anyway, I've booked half my season in Tigertown.

PT Barnum said and Rogers is definitely reinforcing how there is a sucker born every minute.
Just like the Leafs, I suspect most of the seats purchased will be corporate, the chic crowd sitting on their hands.

Not baseball argotom, the NFL fans from the US that come here will show the people from Ontario how to cheer NFL style, ain't no baseball stuff we're talking about. It will be interesting.

Mods, what is wrong with the famous saying of a "Sucker born every minute"?

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No big deal. Let’s get some football played. That will get our minds concentrating on the important things in life.

Actually Earl if memory serves me the tv ratings here in the states were one of...if not the worst, for a WS when the Jays won. And...Hockey is alot bigger down here then you may know. It's taken a few years, but EVERY team down here has around 80-95% capacity average all regular season long.

I don't know about anyone else on this forum but I am sick about hearing the bills games in TO and I am sick of hearing about Ted Rogers. We CFL fans need to attend our CFL home games and make it clear to that jerk we don't want the NFl in Canada. I am one who is going to carry a sign to the Argos games " NFL keep the hell out of our country". By the way I cancelled my cell service and video card with Rogers. I am one Canadian who is not going to lay down and let someone come in and take away what is ours. I have been on the bills website and they have some true fans in Buffalo who also not going to lay down for anyone either and take away what they love.

Business and sports aren't compatible cuz Rogers will go look, we've been good to the Argo's, and sponsering the CFL, but we're also going to bring the NFL here, or try to anything we can to because that makes me way more money, a chance to get a piece of that 300 million american economy that i could never even dream of doin with rogers video or rogers cable, or rogers cellphones against real american companies, but this might give me my chance (money is honourless)

Geo365 is exactly right. The worst rated World Series was when the Blue Jays played.
The Blue Jays don't ever get shown on American TV. The Toronto Raptors are a lousy draw in the USA. As they are in CAnada

CAnadian NHL teams are a bad draw in the USA, but then again American teams are a bad draw in CAnada. Its obvious they don't care about us, but we also don't care about them.

And I agree with LondonCFL. Enough about the Buffalo Bills. Some people talk like it'll be bigger then the NHL in this country? Oh please.

It'll just be another sporting event amongst the other countless sporting events that will occur in this coutnry. It'll be forgotten the day after it happens.